Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I put a saddle on a chipmunk and made that cricket ride.

That's the end of another day. Some sad news mixed in with some silly news mixed in with some educated guesses. A lot like life, I suppose.

Rob has your final Division Preview. He'll be taking the AL East and I'm already sharpening my claws for attack if he picks the Yankees to win. We'll all wait together, ok? See you tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

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The Yankees will score eleventy-hundred runs and allow just 63. Mark it down, WoWies.

Maybe Schilling could give Trot Nixon a job as a gritty troll slayer in one of his nerd games...although Nixon would probably hurt his back or get injured pretty easily after Level 3.

That's a very Scioscian prediction, Rob.

Over under on Yankee Stadium attendance this year: 3.75 Million.

Chief, discussion of wagering is against WoW's pronounced Zoroastrian values.

Yankees will top 4M in attendance. 84 home games (2 exhib) times 52325 seats (including standing room) equals 4.4 million.
And if Rob picks the Yankees to win the AL East, I'm throwing a tomato at my laptop.

Oh we can definitely discuss wagering. In fact Rob and I have a new Yanks/Sox hat bet coming up soon.


Website lists the new yankee stadium capacity at 51,800. Do they sell standing room regular season? Wouldn't count exhibition games, and there are currently an assload of (expensive) seats available for opening day. I'm not convinced they beat 3.75, a number I very scientifically pulled out of my ass.


this time make him buy the hat.

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