Troy from West Virginia Celebrates Dodgers 2009 NL West Title

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Troy from West Virginia, easily the Internet's most famous Dodgers fan and Joe Beimel devotee, has decided that the re-signing of Manny Ramirez is enough to guarantee the Dodgers claim of the 2009 title to the National League West. A wee bit premature? Naturally. But what better way to enjoy a premature celebration than to ply some underage girls with alcoholic bubbly beverages?

Okay, I'm going to assume that was non-alcoholic apple cider. Troy from WV might be a hardcore fan but he's no hardcore criminal. Still, if I were Dodgers G.M. Ned Colletti I'd be pretty frightened. Notice how Troy made a threat that he'd see Ned in forty hours? I guess Troy made good on that threat. As per beat writer Tony Jackson:

Spring training can officially begin now. This morning, as I was walking from my car to the building, I saw Troy from West Virginia, clad as always in a Joe Beimel No. 97 Dodgers jersey. And no, the still-unemployed Joe Beimel wasn't with him... Anyway, here's hoping Troy can stay out of trouble in Glendale.

Tony points out that the southpaw reliever Beimel is still looking for a job. He and former Brave Will Ohman are the only two lefty specialists left on the market. With Dennys Reyes signing on with lefty-lovin' La Russa in St. Louis and Andy Sisco catching on with Oakland, Beimel and Ohman have no choice but to huddle together for warmth in their lonely, cold corner of the free agent forest.

Of course, with Troy from WV on his side, Beimel should expect a hasty phone call from a desperate Ned Colletti any day now. A desperate, duct-tape-bound and washcloth-gagged Ned Colletti.

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Will Ohman has kept himself pretty busy in the meantime. That new Bonny Price Billy record is great.

Also, did he steal that Benny Hill music from the shrimp tank when he was here doing that playoff video last fall?

Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider? So that's.... just Apple Juice?

Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider? So that's.... just Apple Juice?

That juice will NOT take you to the Beimel Pod near the Hale-Bopp Comet.

Troy from WV masterfully recreates a Kubrick classic. Coming Fall 2009: "A Clockwork Orange County."


The doctors told me it was retirement, but I knew what it was! A VICTIM OF THE MODERN AGE! Poor, poor Jeff Kent!

I'm 99% sure the Dodgers can kiss my ass.

Oakland further proves they are ready to contend this year by signing Sisco. I think I saw him on ^^^^^^^^ ww he is quite the catch!!!!

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