Troy From West Virginia Tilts at Windmills, Irks General Managers

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Three weeks ago, Dodgers superfan Troy from West Virginia made his first ever pilgrimage to Glendale, Arizona, the new Dodgers spring training locale, to celebrate the upcoming division title and to petition G.M. Ned Colletti to resign Joe Beimel. He brought his crazy passion for Beimel with him, along with a wacky sign, because if I've learned anything from the movies, it's that people with signs get things done:

Unfortunately, it was not written in the stars for the southpaw Beimel to return to Los Angeles. The Nats mysteriously signed him despite having a laundry list of needs a mile long, with 'lefty specialist' far behind 'replacement level pitchers' and 'new general manager'. The Dodgers are now stuck working out Will Ohman to fill the LOOGY role. Hey Ned Colletti, I hear Shamwow guy has a decent left hook. Maybe he can throw a curveball.

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I need a Snuggie made out of Shamwow fabric.

Freetzy, Vince from Shamwow is busy beating hookers and cannot process your request.

There's an extended clip of this where Troy drops the "Bring Back Beimel" sign and there's one that says "medicine" right behind it, followed by "pavement" and "government."

Look out, Troy. Don't matter what you did.

After all is said and done, Troy will find that Ohman will be a decent replacement for Joe.

Will also likes to do jokey intros for Fox Saturday Baseball.

bout as funny as cancer.

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