Update: Gary Matthews Jr. Takes A Timeout

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It was two weeks ago today we discussed Angels' outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. and his displeasure at not being an everyday starter for the team. He's looked pretty healthy this spring after an injury bedeviled 2008 that included knee surgery. He's run the bases well, covered ground in the OF and hit a couple of ding-dongs. But none have that has changed the fact that the Angels have too many guys that play his position and Matthews was told he'll remain the fifth OF. As you may have guesed, this did not make Gary very merry.

Told in a meeting with Manager Mike Scioscia and General Manager Tony Reagins that he would begin this season as the Angels' fifth outfielder, Matthews did not take the news very well.

Instead of traveling with the team to play the Texas Rangers in Surprise, Ariz., Matthews asked for and received permission to take the day off, a 24-hour cooling-off period apparently necessary.

"Just give me a day, guys, OK?" Matthews said when approached by reporters. "Thanks."

HOLY CRAP CAN YOU BELIE... actually he handled that pretty well. I imagine Gary was a little more steamed behind closed doors with Scioscia and Reagins, but his agent, PR guy and Mama must all be pretty proud with the way he took a step back and cooled off. I guess he still has the potential to return with war paint on a take a crap in the manager's office but he seems to just be using the 24 hours to sit in his Fortress of Solitude and figure out his next move.

Not there are that many moves for him to make. He has a no trade clause in his contract, but he has a huge contract, and unless the Angels give him a chance to prove that he can play everyday, they'll have to eat a big part of it. It's a Catch-22 for them and for Matthews that will most likely just result in them paying a very unhappy man $10 this year to be their fifth outfielder. The Angels have to hope that Matthews continues to have such a cool head about it.

Maybe they can get him to make a couple of spot starts this month.

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Just put him on the disabled list with a completely fake blood disorder to cover up the fact that he's a terrible pitcher with a bad case of depression oh wait nevermind I'm thinking of Dontrelle Willis go about your business Gary Matthews.

Maybe he can team up with Derek Bell and they can avenge any number of broken, assumed promises. For $40 million per avengement.

result in them paying a very unhappy man $10 this year to be their fifth outfielder

Pffft. That's nothing. I could afford that.

Gary and Juan Pierre could work on the next phases of their careers by guest-blogging for Andre Either.

Fortress of Solitude = Trip to Mexico to get "medication."

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