Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, leave a trail of crumbs.

  • WHAT brand of smokes do you think Scott Olsen likes? Mustangs? 305s? It's gotta be something cheap until the new stadium is built.

  • DON'T you think it's kind of weird that Nomar and Orlando Cabrera have crossed paths once again?

  • NOW that MLB has banned "A-Fraud" jerseys what will the most uncreative person you know where to their next baseball game?

  • SINCE Florida State athletics have to forfeit a bunch of wins in baseball, football and other sports will Bobby Bowden finally realize he's not going to retire as the all time wins leader and just go home quietly and let us move on with our lives as FSU football fans pretty please? And yeah, the baseball team!

  • AM I going to be disappointed by the Watchmen? I sure hope not. Like many others I've been looking forward to it for a long time.

Hey we got some weekend programming scheduled for you! Rob will be here during tomorrow's USA/Canada WBC game hosting a discussion thread that you can all get in on. You all have a good weekend no matter what you end up getting into. See you Monday. Same WoW channel.

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Got my tix for the 7:30 tonight. Can't wait to see some blue dick on screen.

Notice how all the guys have ID badges and the girl doesn't. Chick comic book convention registration is done by memory and the honor system.

"gAy-Rod likes getting poked in the butt"

Which is worse, that the Nite Owl guy just used an old Batman costume, or that Doc Manhattan is apparently now sponsored by Under Armour?

Answer: Neither. The worst part is that I am making jagoff comments about them.

Watchmen was good, although I'm just now recovering from being out until 4 AM. The sound blasting through an IMAX theater is worth it, if you can get tickets. There is a lot of big blue dong. King Dong.

"Bonds" has been banned from being printed on MLB jerseys for over a year now.

WHY have I never heard of The Watchman?

DOES that make me a big dork or just the opposite?

Watchmen was not mindblowing, but not at all disappointing. I was pleased. You're not wasting your time, and there are a couple of mid-80s "period" bits that aren't in the book, that really added value.

My buddy and I had this debate on the way home -- is the dong factor higher in the movie or the book? I went with movie.

Just got IMAX tickets for 10:30 tonight.

Heady nugs, who's got my heady nugs...

The uncreative people will just shill out 35 bucks and buy a T-shirt that says "A-Roid" or "A-Fraud" from a guy in Kenmore Square.

Oh - and thanks for the link, matt_T. I friggin' love Mastodon and can't wait for their new album...

The dong is like, 10 feet tall in IMAX. It's very much in your face as opposed to the book. The (non-blue) sex scene in the middle definitely was a lot more in your face in the movie too, as I remember.

kris, I'm enjoying some right now

Ed- I got tickets to see them in May, last date of the tour in their hometown. Its going to be nuts, never seen it before.

I remember the sex scene in the book being pretty graphic. So does the police officer that arrested me on the bus.

A six pack of Hoegaarden a bottle of this? If I'm gonna make it through this China-Taipei contest, I'm gonna need help.

In a related note, Fei Feng is nots to be fucked with.

Balvenie is good shit. Hoegaarden looks good because the mug is so huge.

Raymond Chang is all man.

I agree with jayhawkowensjunior's review.

It was good, not great.

I'm gonna wait until Lloyd has seen it before I discuss.

Chipper just said he has more motivation because when they lost to Canada in 06 Pete Orr and Chris Reitsma wouldn't shut up about it.



Except Pete Orr.

Miguel Tejada just a tot. BUT THE DUTCH STILL LEAD.

Pete Orr is all man.

Beware the Portly Power of Ponson.

Prince Pitches for Potential Paychecks, Papi's Party Plans Paused

China's Chang Crushes Circuitball, Ceases Colony's Classic Chances

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