Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, nelle botti piccine ci sta il vino buono.

  • ARE Damaso Marte and Robbie Cano just a couple of sore Dominican losers, or do their aches and pains spell bad news for the Yanks?

  • AFTER Jhonny Peralta's wife was bitten by a scorpion while sleeping in a house they rented in Goodyear, Ariz, can you believe that Jhonny's first reaction was, "I don't like this." Really, Jhonny? You don't like it when your wife gets bitten by a CONSARNED SCORPION? Really?

  • DID you know that the Mariners defense was actually above average last season? If they improved their defense markedly over the winter, maybe they'll only lose 90 games in 2009!

  • HAVE you noticed that Kris is the official interviewer for baseball players here at Walkoff Walk, while I get all the requests to be interviewed? That's because I'm Clooney, while Kris Liakos is more like a geekier, Greekier Jimmy Fallon.

  • HOW good a teacher is Mark McGwire? Just ask Matt Holliday.

Brush yourself off, the week is D-U-N done. The weekend awaits, and you should sup from its hearty soup bowl full of WBC games and sunny weather. Tomorrow at 1PM, the Dutch take on Venezuela and at 8PM, the United States plays Puerto Rico, with both games going down in Miami. Let's persuade Kris to head down to Dolphin Stadium tomorrow night with his trusty camera and snap some photographs of rabid Puerto Rican fans. Until next week, same WoW channel, I bid you adieu.

(Hall of Fame bat rack photo courtesy of Flickr user coba)

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The curse of Lou Boudreau strikes again.

310 to Clooney.

our commenters want to talk more about hamburgers than they want to talk about Hanley Ramirez

Not true. I would love to know what kind of hamburgers Hanley Ramirez prefers. Has he ever had a cakie?

Jhonny Peralta doesn't like it because it turns out that he is the Green Goblin.

/plot twist!

Doesn't quite roll off the tounge so well, GeorgeForeman.

The constant need to reaffirm your Clooney cred is proof of my superior Clooneyness.

I'm Clooney, you're Natalie from the Facts Of Life.

WoW has Chipper and Todd Jones, cleveland.com has Joe Blanton, apparently. He seems kind of milquetoast.

WHY does Friday afternoon go by so slowly?

Apparently, Jhonny doesn't like it when his wife gets rocked like a hurricane...

If I were to interview CTC next would that just blow everyone's minds?

You would get at 20 readers of this blog to go over to yours again.


I had nasty, I repeat nasty, thoughts about being the meat in a Jo and Blair sandwich. With Tootie watching.

Blair was 80s foxy.

I think Jo probably had thoughts about being in a Blair and Tootie sandwich.

The Facts of Life was great spank material, until they brought in cousin Oliver.

There's a Disney show my girls watch, and two of the grown-ups are played by Jo from Facts of Life, and Maury Levy from The Wire. I'm not yet sure exactly how depressed this should make me feel.

God I hate Levy.

This was one of my favorite Levy scenes.

No one gets bitten by a scorpion, they get tail fucked. But she's right to be angry with him.

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