Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, don't promote yourself. It hasn't worked yet.

As for us, we're out of here. You've got basketball tonight and all weekend. Right now the top 3 in the WoW Bracket Challenge are a British Guy (nothing wrong with that) a Woman (nothing wrong with that) and BC Twins Fan (what the hell?).

Tomorrow is all that spicy WBC action that Rob hipped you to earlier. So go forth. Enjoy yourselves. See you Monday. Same WoW Channel.

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I was gonna start a George Thorogood Songs About Drinking tumblr but I was afraid it would be redundant.

That's right bitches

How did that happen? I think I picked the Gophers go to the final 4

BC's picks have left him critically acclaimed and respected. He picked the Golden Gophers, but he hates all the drawn out winters.

At the back of the pack. Just waitin' to make my move.
I'll fucken crawl all over you fuckers.

Easy, Phillas, that's the kind of talk that caused the Girl Scouts of America to take out a restraining order on me.

I soaked some chicken tenders in buttermilk all day, then coated them in in seasoned italian bread crumbs and freshly grated parmesan. I then dredged them in more buttermilk and coated them in panko breadcrumbs. Now I'm going to fry them in olive oil. Konichiwa, bitches.

Chief, that sounds like a plan. My usual MO is to pound flat either breast or thigh meat, season, dredge in flour, dip in egg wash, then dredge in either regular bread crumbs or panko. I then pan-fry in olive oil, which makes a huge difference over doing so in a neutral oil (but, lower smokepoint, so at a lower temp). It never fails to impress.

When I used to be feeling my oats I would make a coating of beaten egg with flour, no breadcrumbs, and fry in about 2 inches of oil. The texture is akin to a chicken finger from a chinese restaurant.

This used to be especially delicious when i would do it with sirloin strips and make "Steak Fingers."

I do not cook like this anymore.

I broiled chicken thighs in a half bottle of hoisin sauce with chiles, ginger, garlic, some rice vinegar and sesame oil, and then I made fried rice.


Then I had my first gin and tonic of the year. My girlfriend is gone for the weekend. I AM THE KING OF BASKETBALL.

And then I smoked Smarties.

Joba Chamberlain vs Rick Porcello tomorrow in Tampa. It's on like Laura Prepon.

I'm currently making pizza and watching hoops. Wild mushroom and leek, olive oil base. It's going to kill.

Rob, do you know the verbal stylings of MC Paul Barman? Specifically the song "I'm Frigging Awesome"?

Check your gmail.

I would jizz early inside of Liz Hurley. This is awesome, Chief.

My usual MO is to pound flat either breast or thigh meat

This is EXACTLY what I'm doing tonight.

FSU in OT. Kris must be kvetching.

Kris is undoubtedly rocking a gold dress shirt, just like Toney Douglas' dad.

Omigod y'all Liakos is going to burn something down.

I just hope it's not this website.

That's a tough one for the Noles.

Ronald Moore is made of magic!

That sucked.

Plenty of room on the Viking bandwagon, Kris. Onward to Valhalla with Cleveland State!

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