What's Up Creampuff: Dudes That Got Hurt

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The hardest part of writing Creampuff is this witty opening paragraph where I call everyone a nancy. So instead I present this paragraph from AJ Burnett's wikipedia:

The Toronto Blue Jays took a chance by signing Burnett to a five-year deal due to his history of injuries, and the 2006 season began with him going on the disabled list when a piece of scar tissue -- remnants of his "Tommy John" surgery -- broke off in his pitching arm. However, some baseball commentators like RotoWorld and Tim Dierkes sill considered the signing worthwile, since many of the other free agent pitchers that year, like Matt Morris and Paul Byrd had less impressive career stats, even though they had fewer health risks.

Oh, that's rich. On to the fragiles.

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i didnt know you could speak italian

Gerald Laird is currently eating pixie sticks on the bench for the Detroit Tigers.

Thanks for the shout-out to the RMN, Kris. It's the paper I grew up reading, mainly because the other one employed Woody Paige.

It's true, I got the cold from a wallaby.

Dammit, Freetzy I knew that. Sorry.

Rob, I am listening to you right now. "As good as can be expected"...???? You are supposed to say you have the greatest blog on earth and make KSK eat your Italian shit, not that things are going as good as can be expected. You have some of the best commenters on earth, and me. Have more pride.

I stand ashamed. Actually, I'm sitting.

There's a difference?

Am I getting old? Listening to a guy with such a beery belch nearly made me puke.

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