Who Wants To Employ Pedro: Baltimore vs. Los Angeles

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Today I begin a 55 part series on which professional or semi-professional baseball team will pay Pedro Martinez to pitch for them. Today the former Cy Young Winner and future HoFer received endorsements from Baltimore Sun Writer, Peter Schmuck and LA Times Schmuck, Bill Plashke.

I was in the Orioles locker room yesterday and heard Schmuck going to locker to locker dropping the P word and gaging player reaction. Of course there is still a lot of respect for Martinez throughout baseball, and Schmuck's basic premise is a strong one. Starting pitchers are hard to come by for this Baltimore club at the moment, and if Martinez is as strong as he appeared in the WBC, he's one of the best options out there for plugging a hole. I'd also think that coming back to the AL East would be an attractive option for the always competitive Pedro. So the Orioles are probably players in this, then. Right?

Orioles president Andy MacPhail said after the game that the team has no intention of contacting Martinez's representatives. The Orioles have brought in a veteran pitcher in Adam Eaton, who has yet to make a competitive appearance, and MacPhail seems willing to gut out a few sore arms to get a long read on the organizational pitching situation.

"Obviously, our pro scouts are out in other camps, looking at other pitchers," MacPhail said, "but we would have to think it is a meaningful upgrade."

So much for that. Let's take Baltimore off the big board. Now onto Los Angeles where Bill Plashke makes what can only be called a plea to Dodgers management to bring back Pedro in his usual staccato nonsense style.

Fifteen years is long enough.

Two-hundred and fourteen wins and three Cy Young Awards is stuff enough.

The ghost of Delino DeShields has haunted enough.

It's time to bring Pedro Martinez home.

One year after an opening day in which the Dodgers ceremonially connected with their past, they could do it for real by turning a humongous mistake into a homecoming king.

Bring back the giant they thought was too small. Bring back the fighter they thought was too brittle. Bring Ramon's little brother home.

Wow, I didn't even know Delino DeShields was dead. How'd I miss that? Anyway, Plashke doesn't like what he's seeing from Jason Schmidt (who I thought was dead) and thinks the Dodgers are one of the teams that can afford to pay a fifth starter the kind of money that Pedro is looking for. Rob's boy, Ned Colletti seems to agree.

"He's somebody we're curious about," General Manager Ned Colletti said. "We know how great he has been, and we know how popular he is in Los Angeles."

That quote isn't tantamount to a contract offer, and could even be translated into "Ok, I'm hanging up now, Plashke," but still it's not a flat out denial like the O's and Mets have delivered. So for this matchup, I declare The Los Angeles Dodgers to be more interested in Pedro than the Baltimore Orioles. Join me tomorrow as I pit the Chilean National Team against the Brockton Rox for his services.

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I'll take Pedro over Jeremy "Venezuela nationalized my changeup" Guthrie any day.

"Pitching for your Kannapolis Intimidators: Number 45, Pedro Martinez!"

Bring back the giant they thought was too small. Bring back the fighter they thought was too brittle. Bring Ramon's little brother home.

Bring back decent sports writing.

Bring back decent sports writing.


So if I flew to Holland and struck out some Dutchmen, Ned Colletti would offer me a contract? SIGN ME UP

I flew to Holland and struck out with some Dutch women. If you know what I mean . . .

What a minute . . .