And So It Begins: Braves Top Phils on Opening Day Eve

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Last night, Derek Lowe showed why he's had great success in a bandbox like Citizens Bank Park. Despite his opponent Brett Myers' struggles with the home run ball, Lowe kept the Phillies balls dragging on the ground, where they'd be far easier for his infielders to snag and make outs. Such a fine pitching performance helped the Braves topple the Phillies 4-1 on baseball's Opening Night. Lowe was efficient and threw strikes with great aplomb in his eight shutout innings. Myers, however, allowed numerous extra base hits including rookie Jordan Schafer's first ever tater tot in his first ever MLB at-bat. Jeff Francouer and Brian McCann added their own homers, while the Phillies only run-scoring rally fell short in the ninth off closer Mike Gonzalez.

It was a tidy and entertaining game to start off the 2009 season, clocking in at under 2.5 hours. Hey, that's even shorter than a Spielberg movie! But that was just one game of over 2,000 that we can enjoy this season. Get your foam fingers out of the attic and put your clapping hat on: it's time for OPENING DAY 2009!

So stick around these parts today, kiddies, because we'll take you around all thirteen (lousy Smarch weather in Chicago) twelve major league parks with real live action today. We'll do our best to share lineups for all twenty-four teams (even the Mariners!) making their 2009 debut today, Opening Day, the greatest day of the entire Spring.

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The happiest man of all last night? Frank Wren.

No Crew tonight sadly. Starting Suppan on opening day? Please, he blew game 4 of the NLDS. Start Bush or Gallardo.

In other news, Yahoo fails for labeling today's games as "spring training" still. One of those words are correct (and in the midwest, it's not spring).

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