Baseball Before Bedtime: Acid Tongue

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday while you were done with the nonsense:

Rangers 9, Royals 3: Surprise, surprise. The Rangers took the Surprise City Series, four wins to three, over their cohabitants, the Royals. I put way too many commas in that sentence. The Rangers finished their Arizona stint with 20 wins which totally means they'll win at least 20 games this year. Great success!

Rockies 7, Diamondbacks 4: Troy Tulowitzki went 3-for-3 to finish up a super sexy hot hot hot spring time but the big news out of Rox camp is that Huston Street won the closers job from Manny Corpas. I don't know who I feel worse for: Manny Corpas, Rockies fans, or Rockies starters. Just kidding. Huston Street is a fine closer.

Mets 9, Orioles 8: Mike Pelfrey got jacked up, allowing all eight Balty-more runs with a terrible exhibition of pitcherating. After falling behind 8-0, the Mets scored nine unanswered and completed the least important comeback in world history, just ahead of the time I beat my gramma at table tennis after falling behind 12-3.

Cubs 9, Indians 8: Cleveland finished up the Cactus League with their worst spring in ten years as another one of their starters got ripped. This time, the victim was Anthony Reyes, but Cliff Lee has had a notably shittastic spring. Also, Jake Westbrook might be back in June. Whoops! I am regretting my AL Central pick, y'all.

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No recap of the Pirates losing to a community college team? If it wasn't for the Steelers Pittsburgh would be more depressing than Buffalo.

Yeah, I tweeted that yesterday not realizing it would become an instant phenomenon in the baseballblogosphere and beyond. Oh well. I would have been more excited if Rinku and/or Dinesh had been involved.

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