Baseball Before Bedtime: Across 110th Street

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Here's what happened in baseball last night, while pushers wouldn't let the junkie go free.

Tigers 4, Yankees 2: Magglio Ordonez hit a 3 run tater tot in the sixth that proved the difference in the evening. The Yankees made a comeback bid in the 9th that was foiled by a Jorge Posada double play ball. Justin Verlander struck out 9 over 7 scoreless innings. I should have picked The Tilde over Miguel Cabrera in the PPP.

Red Sox 3, Indians 1: This game flew by faster then the weirdos at this past weekend's Street Meet. It was all double plays and scoreless innings until the ninth when Kerry Wood gave up a 3 run Happy Jack to the insanely hot hitting Jason Bay. Think he's a little happier this year? Papelbon had his own hiccups in the ninth but was able to escape. The Red Sox have an 11 game winning streak.

Astros 4, Reds 1: Hunter Pence: Hero Dawg. That would be an OK cartoon. His two run double broke a 1-1 stalemate in the ninth. Roy Oswalt scattered 10 Dusties over 7, making his best start of the season... since the last time he faced this team.

Mets 7, Marlins 1: The Fish never had a chance in this one. The Mets tagged Anibal Sanchez for 6 runs in the first. He stayed in the game for 6 innings but the offense never dug out of the whole, seemingly baffled by John Maine. Omir Santos had a tot for the Mets. I saw him hit two homeruns in a Spring game this year but was told by various New York beat writers in the press box that he had no chance of making the team. Whoops.

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