Baseball Before Bedtime: I'm A Fool To Want You

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday when I said I'd leave you:

Pirates 8, Marlins 0: Ross Ohlendorf threw a wet blanket right on top of the Marlins hot start. When he pulled it off, Hanley Ramirez was cold and scared and Ohlendorf notched his first win on the year. He and two relievers allowed but two hits to an otherwise hot-hitting team while Marlins starter Andrew Miller got knocked around like a skinny kid in a mosh pit, allowing four runs in four innings. The Barry Bonds-led 2003 Giants remain the most recent team to start the season 12-1. Must have been the hilarious oversized helmet.

Red Sox 11, Orioles 1: Lots of good news for the Red Sox faithful on Patriots Day, save for the latest carillon call from creampuff land. Shortstop Jed Lowrie will miss 6-8 weeks after surgery to fix an ouchie on his wrist. But no matter, yesterday morning was a day for all kinds of folks to wander the streets of Boston celebrating...ummm...patriotism, I suppose. And Kevin Youkilis. That guy's good.

Nationals 3, Braves 2: The Nats won a game in such a wonderful fashion it caused AP beat writer Howard Fendrich to break out a listicle! He delineated the best aspects of the game, including rookie Jordan Zimmermann's tight six-inning debut win, the bullpen's three hitless innings, and closer Joel Hanrahan's first bullpen. Good for them. Also, the Reds beat the Astros and the Rockies beat the Diamondbacks. BOOM! I recapped every game.

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Sox won 12-1

Pobody's nerfect.


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