Baseball Before Bedtime: Magnificent

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday when you were swimmin' in wimmin:

Royals 2, Indians 0: Joakim Soria finally got into a game and filled everyone with nervous laughter, giving up a walk and a single with a 2-run ninth inning lead. Fella even let the runners advance on a passed ball, but struck out Trevor Crowe on a nasty curve for the win. Brian Bannister made Joe Posnanski's heart go all a-twitter with six innings of shutout ball in which he struck out just one Indians batter. That's SO brainy of you, Brian!

Braves 1, Nationals 0: Jair Jurrjens gave everybody a Dutch treat (except Manny Acta) in his nearly eight innings of fooling Nats hitters, but the real hero of the game was Chipper Jones, for providing veteran leadership. And making a game-saving play at third base during the seventh, that helped too. Kelly Johnson plated the winning run on a bases loaded walk at the expense of Washington reliever Garrett Mock. Pardon my mock surprise that this chucklehead provided no relief. I just zinged you, professional athlete!

Giants 1, Padres 0 (10): Barry Zito severed his 10.00 ERA nearly in half with his seven scoreless innings of work, but got no run support thanks to the workmanlike effort from rival starter Chris Young. Either these two pitchers were on their game or the two lineups were spending too much time cleaning lint out of their bellybuttons. I'm not sure. Either way, WoW favorite Bengie Molina provided the pinch-hit walkoff double to move the Giants to a sweep over the Pods.

Diamondbacks 2, Rockies 0: And Dan Haren finally gets the run support he needs, any run support at all, in fact just the second and third runs the Diamondbacks have scored in support of Danny, making his fourth start on the year. Fella lowered his ERA to 1.38 and notched his first win. After the game, he tapped into a cactus and drank its sweet nectar before realizing that wasn't a cactus but a cleverly painted fire hydrant.

Red Sox 7, Twins 3: The Red Sox Earth Day uniforms were made out of recycled toilet paper and their green hats made them look downright silly.

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Kelly Johnson plated the winning run on a bases loaded walk

Its a shame they were in Washington, and that was only the top of the 9th instead of a WoW

Heap your scorn elsewhere, green hat boy.

Zito's win could be attributed to Sandoval catching instead of Molina. When Zito went on his end-of-08 winning streak, Sandoval was behind the plate.
I bet 20 buttermilk pancakes Sandoval will be catching Zito for the foreseeable future.

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