Baseball Before Bedtime: Panic Switch

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Here's what happened in baseball yesterday when you were waiting and fading and floating away:

Indians 5, Royals 4: The Kyle Farnsworth curse continues for the Royals. Entering a tie game in the seventh, Farnsworth gave up a double, single, balk and walk before getting his ass pulled by Trey Hillman. Kyle ended up allowing three runs because his successor Ron Mahay dumped all over the bedsheets just as badly. The Indians win their first road game since July 1985 and Travis Hafner had his first game with multiple extra-base hits since the Eisenhower administration. Hey, I like Ike too!

Red Sox 8, Athletics 2: For the third day in a row, a pitcher took a no-hitter into the seventh inning. Yesterday, Tim Wakefield took the thing into the eighth but lost the thing when I jinxed the heck out of it (also when Kurt Suzuki collected a single, but who's counting?). Fella lost the shutout a bit later but still nailed down the jeu complet, allowing the Red Sox bullpen to rest their weary souls before a long cross-country trip. Mike Lowell and J.D. Drew totted.

Marlins 10, Braves 4: Starter Derek Lowe got knocked around a bit and didn't have good control, allowing five walks in five innings. But it was the Braves bullpen that really deserves our scorn. Peter Moylan took the loss, allowing a run on a hit and two walks while Blaine Boyer seems to be having a case of the everydays this year: fella got whupped for four runs while recording just one out. I guess the Marlins have got it going on, amirite?

Brewers 9, Reds 3: Mike Cameron hit two ding-dongs off Reds starter Micah Owings and picked up 3 RBI while Braden Looper recorded his first win of the year. Perhaps Owings, who made his Reds pitching debut, should stick to pinch-hitting.

Blue Jays 12, Twins 2: The Toronto offense worsens and worsens by the day.

SPECIAL BASEBALL WHILE I WAS SLEEPING: Dodgers 5, Giants 4: Dodgers win on a walkoff walk and Lloyd was glogging it!

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h8 blaine boyer.

I hate him for being named Blaine, his parents must have been big "Pretty in Pink" fans.

I avoid the panic switch but have sometimes pushed the fool button.

The buildup to the Shrimp in Lloyd's liveglog was intense. And I just read it now, well after it happened. Well done, sir.

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