CC Sabathia Stimulates New Jersey Real Estate Market

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The Yankees' one hundred sixty-one million dollar man CC Sabathia can recover in luxury after his various wins and losses in his brand new palatial home in Alpine, NJ:


Fella spent almost 10 percent of his new contract to buy the 12,000 square foot six-bedroom house situated in the same neighborhood as other celebrities Sean Combs, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder and Chris Rock.

Unfortunately, Alpine is too far from my town for us to share a Whole Foods.

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I'm guessing you'll be able to describe the interior in a mere two words: Tasteful. Understated.

12000 square feet and only 6 bed rooms? Those better be some big bed rooms.

You would think 15 mil would get you some landscaping and a driveway.

Hey, move that SUV on the left. How will CC get into his new home otherwise?

How many kitchens does it have?

Original List Price: $15,000,000
Under Contract Date: 2/24/2009
Closed: 4/8/2009
Sale Price: $14,900,000

In this market he should have really done a better job negotiating that price down. He should have asked Scott boras to take care of it. No wonder he pitched so poorly on opening day. He closed on his house the next day. He was probably too busy worrying about his insurance agent getting the correct paperwork to his mortgage broker to think about pitching.

Hey, I stayed there when it was called the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

Ah, so he's my new neighbor.

Like he'd actually shop at whole foods.

Landscapers have to return after CC saw the greenery and started grazing.

There are Whole Foods in NJ?

More importantly for CC, do they sell whole cows, whole zebras, and whole pigs?

He's fat, see.

I wonder if there are ducks in the pool?

There are plenty of fat people to be found at Whole Foods, including myself.

He should buy some fuckin grass.

isn't that a banned substance?

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i want to live in these house...mmm...

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