Coste Rules Guy Wears a Neck Brace, Rules

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That camera-friendly guy sure knows the score. Check out his Irish-themed Viking hat, his neck brace, and his fancy penmanship. Yes, he will be joining us at the Citizens Bank Heist in July. Photo courtesy of liveglogger extraordinaire D-Mac.

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I saw this guy in person yesterday. I remember seeing his silly hat on the concourse, but how did I miss the neck brace?

He is just wearing it incase the insurance company's lawyer see's him on TV

The neckbrace is more of a warning. It's what happens when you don't eat your broccoli stem first.

My friend IMed yesterday: "Is that a real neck brace on that guy, or is he just looking to sue CB Park?"

Neckbrace: somethings gotta hold up the jowls.

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