Florida Marlins Encourage the Intoxication of Thirsty Goggies

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Pity poor Meech at The Fightins who had to endure watching his Phillies take to the road in Miami to witness a stadium one-quarter full of humans and one-quarter full of drunken pooches.

Last night at the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie, Marlins fans were urged to bring their pooch with them for their annual "Bark at the Park" night. The Comcast cameras were continuously scouring the crowd for some of these pups when they came across a gentleman who was in the midst of serving his boxer a cold, refreshing beer. "Uh-oh" indeed, Tom McCarthy.

This reminds me of that 1975 Cleveland Indians promotion when the team encouraged fans to bring their elderly relatives to Municipal Stadium, where they were all rounded up and had their organs harvested. Actually, this is nothing like that.

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A confused Dan Uggla then relieved himself in the first base coach's box.

After paying $9 for a beer I won't even share it with my wife, let a alone a dog. That's what peanut butter is for.

The peanut butter is for your wife? I thought that was just an urban legend.

The peanut butter is for both the wife and the dog, but not at the same time. That would be weird.

My dog Moe loves Guinness but hates Whiskey. He'll grow into it.

I don't have a dog, but if I did I'd let it shit on Marlins stadium.

I actually got the wife to sit through six innings of this game solely on the premise that they would show dog/crowd shots in between innings. It was kind of like the Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl all rolled into one.

The highlight of the broadcast, for those of us who saw the Phillies feed, was listening to Gary Matthews go on at length about the 6 (SIX) Great Danes that he had when he lived in Atlanta. Oh, the whimsy! Sarge couldn't remember all of their names, though, a point which Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler expounded on for the next four innings once Sarge left the booth.

Final note: Matthews said he would have to call his sons to find out what the dogs names were, to which I responded "Those weren't Great Danes, they were mere Whippets until Gary Junior got his hands on them." Nobody got the reference, so I saved it for you guys.

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