Harry Kalas Taken To Hospital

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Not good news out of DC. Harry Kalas was found passed out in the Press Box and taken to the Hospital. No other details at this time, but Harry has had a series of health issues over the past year. We wish him the best, and hope that all is well.

UPDATE @ 2PM: As per Todd Zolecki, Harry Kalas has passed on. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Kalas family and to the entire Phillies family. It is a sad week around baseball.

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Ugh. Hope he's ok.

You capitalize "press box" as if it were some sort of sacred place. This is what happens when you get access, Liakos? You glorify a roomful of slobs at laptops?


Isn't The Press Box a titty bar?

I can't adequately describe how much better he made the Phillies broadcasts. In an era where good broadcasters are few and far between, he was one of the best.

Really sad.

Should have been you, Hawk Harrelson.

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