Marriage: Today's Afternoon Game

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babytigere.jpg 1:05, White Sox at Tigers: Rick Porcello, the sub drinking age righty phenom with the mushroom sounding last name makes his second career start today. His first one kind of sucked but you get a whole lot of mulligans when you're 20. John Danks goes for the White Sox. He's pretty good now, ain't he? This series is FOR THE SOUL of the AL Central. Be warned. Carlos Quentin homered twice for Detroit yesterday and if we weren't idiots we would have made him our choice for AL MVP. But we're idiots.

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Quentin plays for Detroit now? NOBODY TOLD ME

That's why The Sox have signed Scotty Pods, 2005 magic!!

game PPD due to rain.

Games have been canceled in Detroit and Chicago due to rain and my team plays in a dome and my grass is brown and shit. Push the rain this way God.

I went ahead and updated your banner pic, fellas. Stay dry, kitty.

As with all of my "art," you have full creative license on that, Rob.

Is that kitty cat Asian?

Somebody give that Tiger some Tilde-locks.

No smartass, I just couldn't find a yellow hat that scaled well enough. GIFT HORSE.

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