Matt Vasgersian Apologizes for His Ill-Timed Lookalike Joke

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On Monday night, Matt Vasgersian made a somewhat controversial joke after Colorado Rockie Brad Hawpe was being carted off the field. Vasgersian likened one of the EMTs to Donovan McNabb. Via Maury Brown's The Biz of Baseball blog, Vasgersian issued an apology during MLB Tonight last night:

So he apologized for trivializing an injury but made no bones about what some folks are calling subtle racism, for saying that one black man looked like another black man. We here at Walkoff Walk are experts in the game of subtle racism and that, sir, is no subtle racism, just an ill-timed lookalike joke. That dude kinda did look Donovan McNabb.

Matty V. was right to apologize on air and even in the comment section of Maury Brown's blog, but only for making a joke when a real live baseball player was in a dangerous situation.

Leave the awkward stabs at humor for the sports blog commenters, Matt, continue to be the charming studio host with tussle-able hair, and don't ever EVER turn into Berman.

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Rob, remember when you wondered when the honeymoon with the MLB Net would end? Well, it's not over yet, but I think someone just got the runs from drinking the water. Stupid ice cubes in the mixed drinks.

That nightly 8-hour extravaganza is still the best studio show on TV, despite the recent silliness. I just hope that people put the proper perspective on this non-incident and forget about it. Immediately. We need to devote all of our resources to the Brian Wilson Twitter investigation. FREE 38!

By the time my cable provider gets MLB Network, it won't be cool anymore. This is light up shoes all over again.

What's the problem? That WAS McNabb.

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