Mets Fans Spirits Have Sunk Low, Low, Low, Low

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Hey Mets fans, excited to see your first regular season Saturday game this weekend on the ol' television box? Well tough noogies, because the rapper Flo Rida doesn't want you to see the first three innings. As per Mets Blog:

FOX has an exclusive window for all Saturday games taking place prior to 7 pm, meaning only FOX can broadcast during that window.

Meanwhile, the Marlins scheduled this Saturday's game against the Mets for 6 pm, one hour early, to accommodate a post-game concert by Flo Rida.

So while the game is going on between 6PM and 7PM, it won't be on any television, anywhere, not even on this nifty new MLB.TV service I signed up for today. But hey, it's only a Mets game so I ain't cryin.

Oh wait, I get it, Flo Rida...Florida...makes sense to me now. What doesn't make sense is why someone would knowingly rip off Dead or Alive's "Right Round".

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Unfurled)

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Perhaps this Mr Rida is too trying to tell us that he is a Cross Dresser called Pete who likes to have lip injections and being tied up?

Does the nom de rap Flo Rida have something do with intercourse during a red tide?

I don't post videos to YouTube, so I don't know, but how hard is it to sync up the audio and video of a particular clip before you post it on the Tubes? It seems that an alarming number of Tubers can't seem to get it right, as evidenced by that miserable Right Round video.

I read this enitre post in the autotune voice.

I was of the understanding that Ed Hardy jumped the Ed Hardy-bedressed shark many, many moons ago. Then again, I'm no Flo Rida.