Pitching is Good to Have

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Because good pitching is fun to watch. Do we have any good timey party match ups today? Yesterday saw lots of walks, runs and crimes against the art of hurling. It seems just yesterday I ate it up, Your yarns were dipped in gold.

Early Afternoon Games The lukewarm Pirates send Ian Snell against the ice-cold Braves and Jo-Jo Reyes. Jordan Schaffer fever has moved from the chest to the sinuses and looks to be clearing up completely. Josh Johnson has been dominant this season, going against former teammate Scott Olsen and his Nats is a great way for that run of play to continue. The Jays and A's start two guys you've never heard of because one of them is a middle reliever and the other is an Oakland A's starter without a face. Duel of the Day pits Johan Santana against Yovanni Gallardo at Kitty Field. That is something I can get behind.

Afternoon Games from outside the EST vacuum The good people at Fox Sports selected the Yankees/Tigers, Dodgers/Rockies and Cubs/Cardinals to sell pickup trucks. Chien-Ming Wang and Fausto Carmona are almost the same guy off to almost the same crappy start. That's not fair, Wang's been God awful, Carmona merely bad. Annoying Canuck Ryan Dempster takes on shockingly effective Kyle Lohse in Chicago while it's Chad Billingsley versus Aaron Cook in LA. Tim Lincecum claims he's okay after a bad start, he gets a chance to prove it today against Doug Davis and the Diamondbacks.

Saturday Night Games of Value Zack Grienke is the future my friends, whether he can tame the Rangers beast remains to be seen. The evening time match up to watch is Scott Kazmir and his Rays against Mark Buehrle and his White Sox. One works quick, throws strikes. One is Scott Kazmir. Kazmir avoided his usual base on balls stumbling block last time out but he was touched for three runs over 6 innings. The White Sock offense isn't what is was in years past, but Carlos Quintin and Jim Thome can still hurt you. Thome can swing that cane of his pretty hard!

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Jo-Jo Reyes

Shoulda been you Hanson.

Although Jo Jo has looked good through 3

Craig Monroe - do your dirt.

You ain't gots ta lie craaaaaaaaaig

he was touched for three runs
I get a touch of the runs after I eat undercooked chikun.

I really hope Phil Hughes isn't busy 5 or 6 days from now.

Frightening. How could he be so bad?

Ka-Heel (per radio man Mike Shannon) goes deep.

Full disclosure: I love Kahlil Green

Also, are you guys keeping track of Chief Wahoo's blog? His stories are fascinating. Check out the last three, starting here: http://samsplace.tumblr.com/post/96069335/a-mystery

Um, some stats from the Indians second inning at New History Stadium:

14 runs, 17 batters. Wang gave up 8 runs on 8 hits. Three homers off of two pitchers. Wang's ERA is 34.50.

Wahoo just exploded. RIP, Wahoo.

It's 16-2, bases loaded in the fourth. No outs for the Indians. Travis Hafner is up, SEASON ON THE LINE PRONK.

I clap excitedly when I open up my RSS reader and see that Wahoo has spun another film production yarn for me to enjoy.

Also, the Yankees may want to try to prevent the Injuns from scoring, if only for one inning.

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh Christ, I just came in my pants again. This is like Christmas, Easter and Halloween wrapped up in a threesome.

BTW, thanks for all the compliments. You could make a guy blush.

Back to back jacks.

20-2. This is something special.

The last few runs the Indians scored: Harlem Tax!

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