Rock The Bronx - 1993

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Today's Classic TV could be summed up in one word: whatabunchofidiots. It starts off all sweet with Mel Allen doing his This Week In Baseball thing (sidenote: there may not be a single television show I miss more than TWIB) then unravels. Quickly. A band called Deficit fronted by "actor/rocker" Larry Romano rattles off a list of their favorite Yankees over a sub-Licensed To Ill shitriff.

"So here we are in 1993 the boys are back, baby. We've got Jimmy Key and Jimmy Abbott"

"Showalter at the helm, Boggs, Owen and Velarde around the horn."

No wonder they were so excited. What a team! You'll like this video but you'll be so much dumber for having watched it. Please to enjoy

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What no mention of Bobby Munoz and Domingo Jean from the '93 team?

Also, is this song available on itunes?

About 50 seconds in, if you look carefully enough, you can see the three connector pins inside Larry Romano's microphone. Come on, people! If you're gonna lip-sync in a music video, at least try to make it look like a rock show and PLUG THE MICROPHONES AND GUITARS IN, ok?

Kris, you are my Good Friday Hero for 2009.


I love that he had to lipsync in the first place. HE'S TALKSINGING.


Oh yeah, that just adds to the whole experience. Horrible song... Lip-synced talksinging... nothing's plugged in, which makes the lip-syncing obvious... What a great video!

BTW, the Tigers are absolutely destroying the Rangers today. Miguel Cabrera just drilled a ball off the left field wall that was about a foot shy of a tater tot, scoring two runs. He now has six RBIs on the day and it's 14-1.

1100 RUNS!

That song stunk worse than Larry's Aqua Velva.

I like the travel tip at the end:
"While you're in the Bronx, take a trip up north and check out the zoo."

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