Saddest News Ever: Angels Pitcher Nick Adenhart Killed in Hit & Run

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As per, Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed last night in a hit and run accident in Fullerton, CA, after pitching in last night's game:

Cops say someone driving a minivan blew through a red light, causing the Mitsubishi that Adenhart was riding in to hit a light pole. Three people were killed in the crash, including Nick.

Cops say the person driving the van fled the scene -- but was later caught and charged with felony hit-and-run. The suspect is currently being treated for injuries in a local hospital.

This is the saddest thing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Adenhart's family and the entire Angels organization.

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Fuck this. Worst news ever

Too young. Too damn young. Hope they throw the book at that fucker.

Just saw this over at cbs sportsline. Fucking terrible.

not to bring this site down even more , but here is another terrible story involving the Angels.

... and after he had probably one of the best outings of his life no less...

... Actually, he had more strikeouts last night than he did total in his career previously in MLB play. A possible star just cut down way too fucking early.

Totally sucks. After getting pissed at him because he was too good, I find out this happens and feel like a jerk and realize baseball is not terribly important.

Condolences to the family.

I feel sick after reading this.
Thoughts, prayers and good vibes to family, friends and fans.

It's being reported that he died while doctors were trying to save his life... so if he did survive... he probably would never play again...

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