Self Portrait At Twenty Years: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 1:05, White Sox at Tigers: After yesterday's day for ducks, these two squads both pushed back their starters to keep the following guys on schedule. John Danks is off until Thursday for the White Sox and Rick Porcello got pushed back to Sunday so today it's Armando Gallaraga time for the Tigers. He's not too shabby. If it rains today God will join his son, Josh Beckett, with a 6 game suspension.

  • 2:10, Indians at Royals: Sidney Ponson makes his second start of the season. He pitched meh in his first start against the Yankees allowing 4 runs through 6, but Trey Hillman liked the "way he battled." That's also what I'd say about it if I had no business running a major league baseball team. Rollercoaster Aaron Laffey goes for the Indians to try and prevent a very embarassing trip to KC's dustpan.

  • 2:20, Rockies at Cubs: WoW Cy Young Pick Rich Harden takes the mound today as Aramis Ramirez and Geo Soto return to the Cubs lineup after ouchies. Could be a long day in Roxtapril. Fukudome is off to a hot start for the Cubs, while no one is really hot for the Rockies. They were one hit yesterday. But the most intriguing question, will Jason Marquis be welcomed back to Wrigley with cheers, jeers, or disinterested trips to the bathroom?

  • 3:35, Red Sox at A's: Man last night's game was a heartbreaker. If the Sox are gonna lose on a walkoff and I'm up until 2 in the morning listening on the radio, COULD YOU AT LEAST MAKE IT A WALK? Dice-K pitched lousy and now arm fatigue could land him on the deel. Today 42 year old Tim Wakefield goes for Boston and 21 year old Brett Anderson goes for Oakland. I see frm Anderson's B-R page that he was born in Midland, TX. I remember that town from Friday Night Lights. Brett Anderson is now Boobie Anderson.

  • 3:40, Cardinals at Snakes: Rubber in Phoenix. Arizona's 10th inning win on a hit by noted fruit Eric Byrnes was high drama. After scoring just 4 runs in their previous 3 games, Arizona would like to keep it going today but JOEL PINIERO STANDS IN THEIR WAY. Jon Garland pitches for the hometown team.

  • 4:08, Yankees at Rays: Andy Pettite takes on Andy Sonnanstine, andy I hate both of these teams. LAST PLACE BLUES, Y'ALL.

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That image is slander. I'm calling my lawyer.

noted fruit Eric Byrnes was high


The Yankees/Rays game today brought to you by Andy Capp's Hot Fries

In my mind, Joel Piniero should either a) be Spanish for, or b) an anagram of: "Lil' Pineapple Joe."

Whither a glog?

Rob says his glog today will consist of "live whiparound coverage." I have no idea what that means either.

"live whiparound coverage."?

Sounds dangerous.

Derrick Goold of the Post-Dispatch is taking a poll on which West coast burger joint to patronize. I think WoWies need to mobilize for In-N-Out Burger!

Wiki just taught me that Jason marquis is Jewish. The second sentence of that same wiki page reads:

Through 2008, in games that were late and close Marquis held batters to a .215 batting average.[1]

Anyone want to take a crack at what that means?

Better put on my helmet, that sounds dangerous.

Whataburger or In-N-Out is a tough call, almost a "Sophie's Choice" if you will. If forced to choose I'd go with In-N-Out, but Whataburger is pretty f'ing good.

also, this guy from St. Lou should compromise and get a honey butter chicken sandwich for breakfast at Whataburger and go to In-N-Out for lunch.

I will begin my whiparound coverage around the majors around 2PM.

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