Since 1993: A Tribute To Rod Beck

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Ok, so this isn't technically "Classic Television" because: 1. It was never on TV and B. It's from last year. But that does absolutely nothing to distract from its epic awesomeness. In tribute to Rod Beck, here's a jangly twangy reverby song about the man, his moustache, his arm and his love of beer.

Please to enjoy.

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Pass me a cold beer light

Does it come in a white can with BEER written in a nondescript block font?

Also, why does this guy do a Neil Diamond impersonation at the 2:20 mark? THEY COMIN' TO BANK OF AMERICA BALLPARK

What, you think this makes up for trashing the Giants since Spring Training?


I once heard tell of a beer in Texas called "Sports!" that came in a plain silver can with just "Sports!" written on it. Some day I shall obtain this mythical brew.

The picture first interests, then bores, then mesmerizes.

If nothing else, this video just inspired me to leave the coffee house with WiFi, to move up the block to the bar with WiFi. It's truly a beautiful day in Allston.

There's a bar outside of Portland, on the way to Mt. Hood, called "Nuts on Sports". ARE THEY?

Nuts on sports? That reminds me of the time I saw Tim Teufel's testicles.

I once heard an album named "Sports" by Huey Lewis and the News

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