Stadium Food Arrives: Your Official New Concessions Omnibus

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Rejoice, baseball gourmands! Because the Xtreme Depression is forcing baseball team owners to be creative to draw fans to come out to the ballparks in these tough times, they're finding that the easiest way to attract us is to bribe us with delicious new foodstuffs. The concession stands at new ballparks like Citi Field, renovated ballparks like Kauffman Stadium, and even stagnant old monsters like Rogers Centre are going to be bursting at the seams with more than just the typical hot dogs, peanuts, and Bud Lights. But worry not, traditionalists: some of the newer parks in the Midwest are just going to lower prices (and portion size) on the old hat items. It's a win-win, people!

So let's take a listicle-powered look at what's new across some of the 30 stadia in the majors:

  • baconwrappedwiener.jpgPetco Park's bacon-wrapped hot dogs and red velvet cupcakes: The good folks at Gaslamp Ball alerted us to the new Mexican-style items at the Padres park, including the Sonoran hot dog, a spicy wiener enveloped in bacon nestled in a bun stuffed with beans, tomatoes and onions, then doused with jalapeƱo sauce, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. NOM. Looks like the cupcake trend has finally hit the West Coast four years too late, but $5.50 for a red velvet cupcake the size of my head is a pretty good deal.

  • Nationals Park's new beer selection: Via Dan Steinberg's Sports Bog, here is what the Nats will be offering on draught on the Red Porch this season: Peroni, Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, Bell's Kalamazoo Stout, Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale, Southampton Triple Abby Style Ale, Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen, Williamsburg Tavern Brown Ale, Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager. That Dogfish IPA has an a.b.v of 9.0%, over twice that of a Bud Light. Translation: it's going to be easier to put up with the terrible Washington team when you're six IPAs deep.

  • campossteak.jpgCitizens Bank Park's new cheesesteak purveyor: Rick's Steaks replaced Geno's Steaks at CBP in 2006 but now Rick's is forced to hit the bricks in favor of Campo's Deli. Tough news for Rick who also got the boot from Reading Terminal Market last year. I've never had Campo's before but as long as their product isn't too greasy, I will gladly stuff one of the Holy Feldmans down my maw at the Heist. (A spicy cheese steak made with hot sauce, jack cheese, grilled onions and ketchup).

  • Kauffman Stadium's concretes and royal turtle sundaes: In Italy, they have gelato. In single women's freezers in Manhattan, they have Haagen-Dazs. In the middle of America, they have frozen custard. Noted Kansas City desserty business Sheridan's Frozen Custard is finally opening a proper full size store inside the newly-renovated Kauffman Stadium. A Royal Turtle Sundae is fresh vanilla frozen custard, hot fudge and caramel, topped with roasted pecans and cherries. Ain't that America? Owner Jim Sheridan promises there will be 25 ice cream eating competitions during Royals games this year. Don't bother signing up, though: Sidney Ponson just won all twenty-five of them.

  • clamcornchowder.jpgCiti Field's lobster rolls and clam-and-corn chowder: Well really, Citi Field is actually going to have everything your culinary heart desires, but I'd like to focus on Chef Dave Pasternack's Catch of the Day stand. Scoreboard Gourmet enjoyed the corn-and-clam chowder (one commenter wonders if he can get corn chowder without clams), but Esca's chef is also preparing a fried flounder sandwich, a lobster roll, and a grilled shrimp po'boy sandwich. Oh, and his own version of crab fries to compete with Chickie and Pete's version at CBP. The Phillies/Mets rivalry doesn't stop at baseball, folks.

  • Dollar Menus at Great American Ball Park and Miller Park: I love this move. Not only can families save cash on food items, the portions will likely be smaller to promote healthier eating. In Cincy, fans can get a hot dog, a 12 ounce Coke, a bag of nuts, a scoop of ice cream, or a Redlegs French Chew taffy for a buck each. Dear Midwesterners, you just don't need to ingest a 55-gallon drum full of buttered popcorn and a Coke the size of a stockpot in one sitting. Also, what's up with that chili over spaghetti thing? Gross!

  • garlicfries.jpgAT&T Park's Green Garlic Fries: Green as in "sustainable," not green as in "specially-colored for St. Patrick's Day". The hippies out in San Fran have converted the popular Gilroy garlic fries stand to reduce the amount of energy it takes to fry up those delicious taters for the starving fans, and they painted the stand with a fresh coat biodegradable paint! How...wonderful. No telling whether or not they'll pass the energy savings on to the consumer, but they will continue to pass the bad breath and heartburn on to everyone who ingests these creatures.

Also, the Yankees will be selling retro beers like Ballantine, Schlitz, and Schaefer, Fenway Park rejiggered the recipe for the famous Fenway Frank, and the fatsos in Arlington can now gorge themselves in a new all-you-can-eat section. Sounds delish! Anyone got anything I missed? I'm headed up to New New Yankee Stadium tonight so hopefully, I'll have a full report for you this weekend.

(Special thanks to the Scoreboard Gourmet blog that satisfies two of the three biggest desires that Walkoff Walk readers possess)

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I worked at a frozen custard stand during college. I'm a walking Midwestern cliche. I'm going to drown my sorrows in a 56 gallon drum of butter. I'm worth that extra gallon.

"Ballantine, Schlitz, and Schaefer?"

What are the 3 beers always found in both of my grandfather always had in their refrigerators.

If I played for the Giants my intro music would be "Raining Blood" by Slayer. Hippies hate death metal.

let me try this again.

"Ballantine, Schlitz, and Schaefer?"

What are the 3 beers always found in both of my grandfather's refrigerators.

/my allergy medicine is kicking in

Also, the Yankees will be selling retro beers like Ballantine, Schlitz, and Schaefer

What, no PBR?

There will be $9 tall boys of PBR.

Why aren't they selling Knickerbocker beer? anyone else here remember or even heard of Knickerbocker?

I'd say Yankee fans are being ironic with their beer choices but I'm not sure the concept of irony has penetrated the thick skulls of fans like this.

Ballantine was the first ever sponsor of the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium. Their huge name emblazoned above it on television propelled them to become the #3 most popular beer in America in the 50's. But yes, Yankee fans are way too dumb to be ironic.

They're more Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino rather the ironic drinker from Brooklyn

I remember Ballantine having rebus puzzles on the inside of their caps.

I think Ballantine's is a blended scotch

That's *chocolate* chili over spaghetti, thank you very much.

@The Colonel, for the record that is not me in that picture, but is that Rob in the background wearing the "Mets Suck" t-shirt?

I must have a Sonoran Hot Dog. Now.


Ballantine still has those, and if I'm not mistaken, Narragansett has done something similar in recent years.

I work two blocks from Campo's, and eat there regularly. Their sandwiches are superb. You pay for the quality, but it's worth it. I haven't actually eaten a cheesesteak there, but the place is usually stuffed full of tourists who are hungry from a day of ogling the Liberty Bell and don't want to pay cab fare to go over to Pat's or Geno's. I've never heard any of them complain.

In related news, my wife is bummed that Rick's is out because they make a vegetarian cheesesteak using seitan in lieu of beef, and she said it's good enough to make you feel human again. I say she should just go back to eating meat, it works for me.

Fenway Park should sell Del's frozen lemonade. that is the shit, straight out of RI.

Micky's grenades have them too. They sold them at this bar I used to frequent. I made me want to keep ordering them. Whoever decided to put those puzzles on the caps is a marketing genius

Kris, I'll be in RI this weekend visiting my new nephew so I will have to pick up some Narragansett.

No love for Jim's Steaks on South St? Also, if NYC try Carl's Steaks

I prefer Ted' Steak Emporium, where Ted will personally cook your steak sous vide in a bathtub and then melt the cheese with a hairdryer.

All right, cheesesteak question: what cheese is supposed to be on a cheesesteak?

Any kind you like, but I prefer provolone.

I'm with Rob, provolone. Must be the wop in us. (Cheese)Whiz is an acceptable alternative.

Oakland has those same exact Garlic Fries, but everyone always talks about SF. What people don't talk about is that either place puts wayyyyy too much garlic on those fries. Cooked garlic is good, but these fries have 40 pounds of raw garlic.

Oakland also has beer and hot dogs.

I'm with Farthammer. When I went to Constantly Renamed Park in SF three years ago it seemed they were using a whole bulb for every order.

I like provolone on my cheese steaks but it doesn't seem authentic; it's like cooking an NYC hotdog in pristine Swiss spring water. Go with the Whiz.

If they can keep the prices reasonable I'm all for the new beer selection in Nats Park to wash down my chili-cheese half-smoke.


Rob and UU are deliciously spot-on with their choice of provolone. However, most nickel-and-dimers down here will typically cram Cheez Whiz down their throats with gusto. American is also a widely accepted choice. I can't think of any food that is made better by adding Cheez Whiz, but then again I don't like replacing the letter s with a z.


Roberto Iracane - you tout the ABV of Doghead, but isn't a tripple abby loaded with alcohol as well? Please to report on the alcohol content of that one as well.

The ABV on that Triple Abbey is a mere 8.0%. WEAKSAUCE

I had a Dogfish Palo Santo Marron last night that was 12.0%. Now I'm not saying it was a great beer because of the high ABV, but it shore didn't hurt.

I'm an american cheese on my cheesesteak guy.

Just don't fuck up and order Swiss cheese on your steak like John Kerry did.

We had friends in town who wanted to try Pat's, and my animal-friendly wife ordered the fish sandwich. It was surprisingly... edible? She described it tasting like a fish-flavored potato croquette, which I guess is better than real fish. I didn't think about it too much, though, as I was pondering just how much of a fatty I would look like if I went back and got a second cheese steak.

Eating innocent fishies is animal-friendly? Tell Mrs. Honeynuts that if she's gonna munch the swimmers she better go ALL IN. IM TALKING TIGER MEAT.

Tigers are soft and fluffy. You ever pet a fish, Iracane? I bet you have, you and your good time buddies gettin your rocks off at the Please Touch museum.

hey! not all Yankees fans are as dumb as other fans.
re: garlic fries - it's not the raw garlic that's the overkill, it's the cheap oil they use. and I'll have to admit that Calif, Wash fries are better than the ones at Yankee Stadium, mostly because of the portion size ("large" is not large in the Bronx).

one more thing, this has been a big question as people compare Citi Field to CBPark (which will never end): is it more worth it to stand on line for Phillies-tony luke's or Mets-shake shack?
btw, thanks for reading ScoreboardGourmet

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