The Fury Of Guitars And Sopranos: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:10, Marlins at Braves: Break out the broom Matilda, the Marlins are goddamned good. Anibal Sanchez, he of the 5 innings of scoreless baseball faces off against Kenshin Kawakami, he of the 6 ok innings. I am Lothar, Of The Hill People.

  • 12:35, Astros at Pirates: Cecil Cooper's Astros won on the same day I lit his chair on fire. Note to all Houston fans: If you give me money I'll go on a real spree and you'll win the World Series. I accept PayPal and coffee. Russ Ortiz vs. Jeff Karstens.

  • 1:05, Indians at Yankees: It's Lee vs. Sabathia in the Battle to see WHO IS THE BEST LEFTHANDER STARTING IN THIS GAME!!! The Indians won last night too after I lit Wedge's chair on fire. I guess baseball managers are no different from every one else in the world... just waiting around for their chance to make me look stupid. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: DMAC GON' GLOGGIT.

  • 2:20: Cardinals at Cubs: It's the most underrated rivalry in sports... wah wah... why does everyone hate the midwest... wah wah. I don't hate the midwest. In fact I love it. Favorite part of the country. I just hate the Cardinals. Adam Wainwright vs. Sean Marshall.

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There is nothing I want more in this world than to have the Tribe ruin opening day for the Yanks.

The Cardinals love you, Catshirt.

You Cards fans and your killing with kindness.

MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm...........Jenny Lewis!

Also, I'm fine with having an "underrated" rivalry. It's better than having ESPN circle jerk over each game.

Rob must be loving this. He thinks John Fogarty is cutting-edge music.

@ Chief Wahoo


@Chief, if Rob thinks John Fogarty is cutting edge he is going to go crazy when Kelly Clarkson hits the field to sing the anthem.

Is Jim Leyritz making an appearance?

Is Jim Leyritz making an appearance?

Is Guy Clark making an appearance?

You know Guy Clark is a liiiii iiiii iiiii arrrr.