The Late Singer: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 1:05, White Sox at Tigers: The Tigs are coming off a three game home sweep of the Rangers. They must have been drawing off the goodwill engendered by Mike Illitch giving out free advertisiting at Comerica Park. Mikey dude, give us a Walkoff Walk concession stand! Gavin Floyd faces Zach Miner.

  • 1:35, Astros at Pirates: Houston opens up a three game dealie in Pittsburgh. Normally this would seem a surefire pickmeup after losing 5 of your first 6, but it still seems to early to tell whether or not the Astros are actually much better than the Pirates. Brian Moehler got murdered in his first start, but has risen to make his second start. Zach "Morris Patty" Duke goes for the home opening Buccos.

  • 2:20, Rockies at Cubs: It's Roxtapril. Whoooooo! They're sending You Baldo to the hill to face Ted Lilly in the Cubs home opener. And just in time, Obscure Store and Reading Room brings you more dead goat news. Apparently someone hung a dead goat off of the Harry Caray statue outside the park. To any of our Chicago readers: go grab that thing, we'll make curry.

  • 3:05, Phillies at Nationals: It's the home opener for baseball's worst team and Chico Harlan's ambivalence is so thick you could stab it with a letter opener. And, lots of good tickets are still available! Sheesh. Moyer for the visitors and Cabrera for the unloved home team. In any case the Nats better watch out because the Phillies are traveling with some sort of angry wolf that is attacking other teams.

  • 4:05, Giants at Dodgers: An afternoon home opener in the Southern California sun? Yes, please. Randy Johnson goes for the Giants and has owned the Dodgers during his various stints in the senior circuit. Chad Billingsley will face a San Francisco lineup that's who we thought they were. 8 runs total in their 4 losses.

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You have to temper that "afternoon home opener in the SoCal sun" with "watching the Giants play baseball."

You have to temper that "afternoon home opener in the SoCal sun" with "watching the Giants play baseball."

I heard they're serving "morris pattys" at all concessions today at PNC.

In all the welcome news about various concession food delights, I don't remember any mention of curry. Who doesn't love curry? Rob, that's your WoW Comerica Park differentiating ballpark food niche opportunity. That, and Dr. Liakos' Screaming Mercy Detox Smoothies.

@ Gomer: I fucking love Morris Patty! "Jungle love: Girl, I'd love to show ya! Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh."

Dr. Liakos' Screaming Mercy Detox Smoothies are made with 100% real screams. And mango.

In Italy that empty billboard looks remarkably like a Coke bottle. "La lengua del cinema es universal."


@ freetzy: I'm with you, but i liked him better when he appeared in that movie The Adventures of Dodge Stratus.

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