The Manny Pacquiao Bobblehead Wants 55% Of Your Peanuts

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That there, kids, is a genuiiiine Manny Pacquiao bobblehead given out at last night's Dads/Giants game. Pacquiao also threw out the first pitch, ostensibly for the Giants' annual "Filipino Heritage Night," but it doesn't hurt that (now that it's actually happening) his upcoming fight with Ricky Hatton is one of the year's most highly anticipated bouts. I mean, it's not like Tedy Bruschi or the members of Hotdog were busy. Cross promotion is all the commotion.

HBO is pimping the fight with their always entertaining 24/7 series. My prediction for the fight? Hatton over Pacquiao in 5, then Pacquiao becomes the cleanup hitter for the Giants, with his bobblehead hitting sixth.

(Thanks commenter extraordianire Phillas for the pic. That's his bobble, y'all.)

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Anyone see Pacquiao's pitch? He kinda throws like a girl. And no, I will not be saying that to his face.

Also, someone brought an asian baby dressed in a hot dog costume to this game. It was on the MLB Network highlights. If anyone gets a screengrab of this and sends it to Rob, I think you get your name on the masthead.

Way to go, phillas--you took it out of the box, and now it's lost 20 percent of its resale value on eBay.


OMG - I gotta get my hands on this for the Filipino boyfriend. He worships @ the altar of Pacquiao.

Did they serve pansit at the concession stands last night?


I have Fillipino in-laws, they've been jabbering nonstop about this fight for weeks now.


Any more pics of the game we can see?

Underdog: thanks. Got it.

I'm the best GF ever.

I have a secret: having met him, I can tell you with 100% certainty that the picture above is of Phillas, and not the bobblehead.

Filipino bobbles resellable on eBay? Finally, it pays to go to a Giants game!

Chief, sorry no other pics of the game. Although I should follow your lead and post the ones I do have.


Icarane: take your smug AL East smugness and shove it up your cooter.

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