The Saturday Morning Post: My Grandfather and Me

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Can you believe it's the first weekend of the season? Last night's pious games reaffirmed my faith even though you won't let me go home.

LA Angels 6, Red Sox 3: An emotional night in California as the Angels took the field for the first time since Thursday's horrific incident. The team unveiled a large centerfield banner to honor the young pitcher. Beating the Red Sox may seem like small consolation to Adenhart's roommate Jered Weaver, but as they've been saying ad nauseum, the games go on. Seattle's vaunted defense kicked it around Alameda county but the M's still won. Whatever.

Brewers 4, Cubs 3: Ladies and gentleman, the Kevin Gregg era is upon us. Two walks, two hits, and a fielder's choice were all it took to undo Rich Harden's dominant start. The Creampuff-in-waiting struck out 10 brewmasters, giving up only 1 earned run. The Cubs closer controversy starts today, the first day of the rest of Carlos Marmol's life. The season can officially begin now: Mike Hampton took his first loss! Not content with his legacy of poor health, Hampton seems determined to remind us all that he's kinda crappy as well as injury-prone.

Blue Jays 13, Indians 7: The Blue Jays offense worsened the crap out of another Central division foe, this time with a four hour rain delay thrown in for good measure. Major League RBI Leader Adam Lind added four more, including an opposite field home run that gave the Jays a crazy game. Brandon League got the win despite hitting a batter to walk in the tying run, only throwing 2 strikes and generally sucking. Which is why we don't use wins any more kids. The Yankees ruined the reopening of Kaufman Stadium by beating the new Rays 4-1. Nick Swisher continued to swing the bat well, driving in a couple between Henny Youngman routines in the clubhouse. "Evan Longoria's two tots weren't enough to get the Rays past Mark Hendrickson and the O's" is a sentence I didn't think I'd ever write. But here I am, and there the O's are with a winning record.

Rockies 10, Phillies 3: Cole Hamels first start of the year idealy would have come at home on the first day of the year. Instead he took to the rubber in Colorado and get shelled. 7 runs in 3 2/3 innings is no way for a World efffing Champion to start the season friends. Troy Tulowitzki continued his torrid start with a triple and a walk. Sophomore slumps are hard ya'll! The Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers thanks to young Chris Young's breakout game. 3 for 3 with a tot and a double sparked the Snakes in this divisional battle.

That's all for this morning peoples. Enjoy your Easter or Passover and things, just remember to enjoy the bevy of day games today. The AL Cy Young winner takes on Cliff Lee in Cleveland this afternoon, which figures to be quite the battle. We get our first Colon & Livan sightings of the spring; they're sure to see their own shadows, but no word on their toes. Can CC bounce back against the youthful Royals? Jonathon Sanchez's first start of the year against Jake Peavy and the Friars should be one to watch, he's on the cusp of awesomeness. Find those eggs!

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This might have been mentioned earlier but as I've been trying to catch up with the last few days of posts I noticed a few questions/comments about games not being televised or available. That long, run-on sentence behind me, I'll remind everyone that MLB Extra Innings is offering a free preview so games should be available through the weekend. I assume most cable and dish providers have it offered (and hidden away)on some grouping of channels at least 3, maybe 4 digits in length.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

So it hailed at the Braves game last night. That was fun.

Thanks gravy. After your reminder, I searched for the MBL Extry Innings channels and they are indeed hidden away but available.
And I thought I couldn't find another way to waste time...

Brewers 1, Cubs 0.

off to a good start =D

Also, no baseball games on the channels I get makes me a sad panda.

I'm sick of your Roy Halladay bullshit, Kris.

Nice first MLB start for Kawakami, 6IP 3ER 8K

Crew lose to bad ump calls (clear double play that wasn't called as such allowed a run in).

In other news, Cubs fans can't claim that "Big Z" had a factor in today's game, which nearly makes up for everything.

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