The Saturday Recap Post: Hardly Working

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As you can see, the weather allowed me to dig out my glove. In this spirit of rebirth, I say we don't look backward, let us keep our eyes facing forward! Or we can look back at last night and then look forward to today's games!

Fish Don't Lie - The world is the Marlins' oyster, or something more crustacean-child related. The 9-1 Florida Marlins needed an extra frame to get past the lowly Nats; meaning we should asterisk the crap out of their record. John Baker and Cody Ross hit balls over fences but the winning run scored on an infield single. Strange events allowed the Mets to even their record at 5: someone else's bullpen collapsed. Gary Sheffield hit his 500th career home run to tie the game before Luis Castillo won the game in the bottom of the ninth.

Watermen of the Deep - The Mariners are still in first place. Their big offsesason defensive additions have combined to make them the best ball catching squad in baseball. They beat up on the semi-happed Tigers (not quite hapless, still not fully happed) via a 5 run fifth inning. The Tigers record fell to 5-5, do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue? The rest of the AL West is wide open now, as the Angels weren't that good to begin but injuries and tragedies are slowing them to a crawl.

Dodgers, Padres Consolidate Power - The Padres are still in first place also, a much wackier fact than the Mariners factoid. Away from the vast hopelessness of Petco Park, the Padres used the long ball to down the Phillies. "You can do that?" Kevin Towers was overhead asking. The Friars came back from down 7-1 thanks to home runs from Scott Hairston and Nick Hundley before Hairston drove in the winning runs in the eighth inning. The Dodgers got four runs out of the Rockies bullpen to while using their reliefmen to shut the door. Jonathon Broxton notched 4ks out of 5 outs recorded. He throws hard and is great fun to watch.

Red Sox, Orioles Test your Mettle - How does a 10-8 game featuring 13 walks sound? Like a fate worse than death? Correct you are friends. Two brutal starts turned this one into bullpen battle, a Red Sox strong point. 6 shutout innings gave the Sox time to come back and Aubrey Huff's error did the rest of the work. The Yankees registered their first win at Yankee Stadium 2.0. Joba Chamberlain had some control issues that were offset by the Indians "playing baseball" issues. The Yankees hit 4 solo ding dongs because they're all egomaniacal control freaks. Or they had trouble getting on base yesterday. One of those two. The Jays lost but are still in first place, tied for the best run differential in the league. For now.

That's it! Sorry, middle of the country, I have no time for your mediocrity! Jokez! The Royals are awesome, holding the Rangers to three runs and three tater tots which is sadly unsurprising. The Cubs began their assault on Precinct Pujols with some late game Soriano heroics. "Jason Kubel hit for the cycle!" we'd all exclaim if it didn't already happen twice this week. More soon!

Lloyd the Barber photo courtesy of some gossip rag.

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