The Sunday Morning Post: Get By

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It's Sunday, there is plenty to do. Find out what's happening as we commute to our computers.

YESTERDAY - If you read yesterday's post you'll realize I can see the future. I know! Going out on limb by selecting Johan Santana pitching in a pitcher's park as my Duel of the Day. Daring! Yovani and Johan did not disappoint, posting nearly identical lines 7 K,5 hit lines over seven innings. The Brewers bullpen blinked first handing the Mets a chance to sweep. Ice cold Braves? Check. God awful Wang? Holy Christ Almighty, that doesn't even begin to describe it. Tim Lincecum proved he was just fine, pitching 8 shutout innings with a tidy 13 strikeouts. Too bad his Giants couldn't muster any offense against Dirty Douse Davis.

Zack Greinke is the future, I said. He is in fact the present! Complete game, 10 strikeout performance will do nicely. Scott Kazmir needs to avoid walks? Allowing 6 of them in 4 innings doesn't sound like a recipe for success OR fine French soup. Jim Thome didn't do much damage from his bed but Carlos Quentin totted and Paul Konerko proved an adequate aging slugger stand-in.

The Cubs got to dance and flog each other on the field for the second day in a row. Jays too! The Washington Nationals are destined to lose games in increasingly tragicomic ways all summer long. I can't wait!

TODAY - Can the very expensive and very worth it so far AJ Burnett stem the tide in New York? The new ballpark still has that new urine scent, but all the blowouts it's hosted makes it look empty a lot. Koji Uehara tries to avoid the Boston broom against Jon Lester. The "rookie" might have a 2-0 record but only one start was worth a damn. Lester is still waiting for his first worthwhile start of the year. Max Scherzer matches up against Randy Johnston so every sportswriter gets to bust out the Cy Young versus Cy Old joke they've been dying to use. Young Rick Porcello makes his second career start against Carlos Silva, who makes his second career start having eaten an entire deer the night before. The Sunday night game pits America's heartland against itself once again. Theodore Roosevelt Lily against Todd Wellenmyer in a match up of guys that get paid to play baseball.

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Leaving shortly to head to the new Yankee Stadium. Hope I don't get sunstroke.

You Canuckistan son of a bitch, "video not available in your country"...

Off to Nats Park to watch another day of awful baseball, hopefully Porcello is still in the game by the time I get home.

Today I'm off to eat 200 lbs of lamb:

Lots of empty seats behind home, sneak down Wahoo

What Jerkwheat said.

I can safely say I've never gotten that message before.

Also, Porcello!

Burnett's 7 BB... nice.

Happy Easter, Phillas. Christ is risen, just took him a few weeks.

Can we start crashing here at night? Looks like I'm gonna need a new place to complain about the Tigers and the human condition in the evenings.

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