The Voice of God Goes Silent: Bob Sheppard Retires

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Sad news today in Yankeeland as longtime Stadium public address announcer Bob Sheppard has officially retired, Kat O'Brien reports. Mr. Sheppard's health problems have been plaguing him for a couple years, and although many hoped he'd move across 161st Street to the new ballpark, it is not to be. Here's to his 57 years behind the microphone, and to his health. Salut, Bob.

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he recorded Derek Jeter's name at Jeter's request so Sheppard will be the only one ever to introduce Jeter.

Oh Jeter, you're amazing.


Jeet also had him record his outgoing message on both his answering machine and his cellphone voicemail. Then he made Sheppard address all of his Christmas cards, and was about to have him monogram all of his handkercheifs before the authorities stepped in.

Bob Sheppard is a legend. He should be a part of everyone's memories of the old Yankee Stadium. I'm kind of sad my daughters will never get to hear his voice in person.

Saluti, indeed Mr. Sheppard.

Aside from getting taunted for wearing a Padres hat, and walking forever to the bathroom, and smelling piss all the way in the upper deck, and getting a better view of the South Bronx ghettos than the action of the field, and laughing when Jeter tried to go to his left, hearing Bob Sheppard's voice was my favorite part of going to Yankee Stadium.

Jeeeeeter's favorite meal? Sheppard's pie. Made with real Bob Sheppard.

Incredible. I really thought he would go on like Abraham, and call games for another 50 years.

There's a perfectly good explanation why you smelled piss in the upper deck. In high altitudes, older concrete takes on a similar chemical makeup as urea. Either that or folks tinkle up there.

Whenever I would go to Yankees games growing up, I would talk in the Bob Sheppard voice for a day and a half. It definitely wasn't irritating to those around me.

"Ahhhhnnnnd Nooowww.... please paaaaass the graaaaaavy. Graaaaavy."

Looks like DJ will be the first Yankee to take hacks at the new ballpark.


It makes sense. Jeter's better at getting on base than Damon and far worse at avoiding GIDPs. Also, Damon has some power, while Jeter couldn't swing his way out of a wet paper bag.

If Gardner gets hot will we see him bat lead off? I doubt it, but it would be nice to have his speed at the top of the line-up.

I doubt Gardner will get on base with enough frequency to earn that top spot. Kid's still learning, and it's best to hide him away in the nine slot.

I think it's funny that the spring training Yankee lineup shake-up is top of the page news in ESPN's MLB section. Then again, they have an old story only six spots below the newest version of it. The MLB crew must be stuck in line at the Peoria In n' Out.

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