The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch: Tuesday, April 21st

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • GC rips Billy Crystal's shitty writing wide open and lays it out for all to see. Not only did Billy rip somebody off with his NY Times editorial, he ripped off Tom friggin Verducci. Double groan. Can't Stop the Bleeding.

  • Rich Lederer shares the story of how he ruined his Ted Williams/Mickey Mantle autographed baseball by getting a somewhat lesser name to sign the back of the ball. No, it wasn't Bob Apodaca, but close. Baseball Analysts.

  • Shawn Hoffman wisely advises us to ignore the bad attendance numbers reported by the AP because they're comparing two weeks in 2009 to the entire 2008 season. That's like comparing apples and plantains! Besides, even the shitty Brewers are selling tix like hotcakes. Squawking Baseball.

  • Saul Hansell argues that costs for broadband providers are actually going down, not up, and that their plans to charge a quota by the megabyte simply bites. Tell your friends and family, please, that metering bandwidth is not the same as metering electricity. New York Times.

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"charge a quota by the megabyte simply bites"
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