There Is Another Walkoff Walk Podcast Tonight at 10PM

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Join us tonight at 10PM EDT for our second episode of the Internet's hottest new fifteen minute talk show, The Furious Five.

Note: we are also on iTunes. Search for Walkoff Walk under podcasts and you can subscribe weekly or download individually.

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And don't forget, if you download my song and use it any other context than the podcast, I will sue you until you're homeless.

Spartans: Listen while you lug that couch out to the front yard in anticipation of setting it on fire.

If I've planned this right, you can enjoy our show during halftime.

You guys are competing with The Hills premire tonight.

And you are competing with your latent homosexuality. Point?

boom, roasted.

The battery on my laptop barely holds a charge and my PC is infected by a slew of tiny viruses. IS NOTHING HEALTHY IN THIS HOUSE? Oh, my appetite, yes of course.

The Yankees haven't scored a run in over 2 innings. You're a failure, Cashman. LET CC HIT.

We're gonna do you in an alley


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