Todd Stottlemyre Has A Chip And Dirty Blonde Hair On His Shoulder - 1993

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Today's Classic TV Friday takes us back to 1993. The Blue Jays had just won their second consecutive World Series under manager Cito Gaston (wow, remember him!?), this time in dramatic fashion on a walkoff home run by Joe Carter. This particular clip finds an angry and mulleted Todd Stottlemyre long distance berating the mayor of Philadelphia. It looks more like a pro wrestling promo than it does a baseball victory parade. The ending features Rickey Henderson spurring the crowd into a spontaneous chant of "Whoomp, There It Is!"

Yeah, this is a pretty great video.

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Should have told him to "suck it" and done the crotch chop DX style, but these were the days before DX.

For those of you too young to remember the glory of "whoomp, there it is" here you go.

Don't worry UU, kids these days know it as part of a Girl Talk song:

Oh Suss stop stealing our thunder fourteen months early! You rascal.

Thanks Matt_T, I've never heard of Girl Talk but I'm guessing most 37 year old haven't either.

Kris knows just how to sweet talk us Canadians. I forgive you WoW.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who picked up on the blatant appeal to the Canuck commentariat. Quit cowtowing, Liakos, and let those flapheads have it.

Off topic:
The NBA is doing the Rinku & Dinesh gimmick, except not as effectively. Silly ballers, the Chinese already play basketball.

Such luxurious hair.
Will the mullet ever return to grace?

I wasn't aware that it fell from grace

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I don't appreciate your thought-based baseball analysis. I come here for hipster doofery and to read "something's something, y'all" twice daily. Take that highbrow shit elsewhere.
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