Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I put some whiskey into my whiskey, and I put some heartache into my heart.

  • WOULD Jair Jurrens get the same satisfaction beating Jamie Moyer as you would beating your father in something? OLD PEOPLE JOKEZ.

  • HOW awesome is it that the apartment building that President Obama grew up in could be designated an historic landmark soon? Pretty damned awesome, if you ask me. It aint exactly Mt. Vernon or the place JFK was born in.

  • WILL Nick Blackburn come strong out of the gate against the Mariners or will the CTC Curse cause his arm to catch on fire?

  • WILL Major League Tater Tot Leaders Felipe Lopez and Tony Clark continue their march towards 200 Home Runs against You Baldo and the Rockies.

  • CAN the Tigers show a little more fight and not sustain a second straight blowout in Toronto? Edwin Jackson is on the mound and he's Bob Gibson, you know.

  • DID you visit your local independent music purveyor today? New Live stuff from the Hold Steady, new Doves, new Sunset Rubdown, and most radically, new Thermals. I haven't spent this much money at the record store since I met a hooker there.

That'll do it. What games are you all watching tonight? Talk about em down here in the comments for those of us that are having a hard time finding any to watch. Sheesh.

Same WoW channel.

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THS is in the mail, I picked up Doves b/c it was on sale, and Sara Watkins and the Tragically Hip will power my commute home. GREAT MUSIC DAY!

Tim Hudson saw that picture and cringed.

New Live stuff from the Hold Steady, new Doves, new Sunset Rubdown, and most radically, new Thermals

Hey, I've heard of one of those bands! My relevancy lives on!

You bring the Wu-Tang to the comments which makes your relevancy card irrevocable.

There's an album by a guy named Bob Mould out today. Ever heard of him?

Jeff Suppan gets a double at his first at bat of the season and an RBI? What is this?


weird, they just had them on the radio.

This. Is CNN.

Bob Mould is that guy whose records I haven't bought in 11 years right?

Bob Mould is the guy with more staying power than something called Sunset Rubdown.

Not with me.

Lots of people still makes records.

It's true, Chubby Checker still makes records.

And for the record I love Husker Du. A lot.

And for the record I love Husker Du. A lot.

I feel like this conversation is going to end up with me defending Paul Westerberg's solo work which never ends well.

Nice Guy Clark Reference.

I downloaded a ton of Husker Du on a whim, and ended up keeping 3 of them.

Chubby Checker does NOT make records with the Fat Boys anymore, though. RIP Fat Boys...

I was offered a ticket to the Phillies Sunday night opener, and couldn't go (back). I was offered a ticket to tonight's tilt, and can't go (back, pt. 2). And it looks like there may be tickets available to me for tomorrow's ring ceremony game, and I don't think I will be able to go (no client).


wow, Tim doesnt last to the 4th.

That's what she said

If it makes you feel any better, I am going again tonight.

Dammit, I just checked the mail and the Hold Steady's new one isn't in it.

Damn you insound.

3 SB's for Mill-wah-key already. Followed by a bad throw my Fwed Lewis. 4-4 in the 4th.

and the crew takes the lead.

Brewers are lighting up the Giants rook reliever named Joe Martinez. He looks like he needs a hug.


I was offered a ticket to the Sox opener today too, but I don't get back to town until Thursday.



Don't hug him. There's a reason he has an alias.

Rowand jacks a 2-run homer to make it 6-5 in the 4th.
I can hear CLARE screaming from here.

Hey, anyone herd of a fella named NEIL FREAKIN YOUNG? Fork in the road, out today

Matt T,

If you still buy CD's you should join the Recording Academy. Nominal fee and you get a newsletter with every new release available for purchase at a steep discount.

Neil Young sucks since he dumped The Shocking Pinks.

B Keifer,

You strike me as a filthy, but dashing, whiskey drinker with a huge Johnny Cash poster in your living room. And that's commendable. Hell I may even like to drink a High Life there.

But have you HEARD Fork In The Road yet?


Lots of people still make records.

I forgot that Willie Randolph was on the Brewers. But there he is, staring blankly out into the field

Thanks Chief, I'll take a look at it. I buy about half of my CDs, the rest I download from emusic.

Hey Phillas,

I am in the process of getting access to very nice Giants seats that come with a Fartie discount. I'll keep you in the loop.

*Fartie Discount = You give me shoulder rub and butterfly kisses

I know you're not telling me it's bad

JEEMER seems to have a chill, do you think he can get some of Sabathia's fat warmers?

Farthammer, I'd be in. I'll even shower.

Sabathia sucks! He's lost his stuff. Can't throw a strike. He's overvalued because he threw against inferior competition in Milwaukee. He's too fat and his body is breaking down. He's folding under the pressure of New York. He doesn't understand the importance of opening day. The Yanks blew it not signing Santana.

So says Yankee Nation. Cheerist, when did this town turn into Philadelphia?

They play a FITR track on OUTLAW COUNTRY
it sounds ala Dirty Old Man

But Chief, Joe Morgan assured us that CC just can't pitch in April, all will be well in a few weeks!

Joe was actually right for once. The guy starts slow. It aint a mystery. Unless you're a Yankee fan.

Teixeira is a notoriously slow starter too. Whoops

I felt a SUMMER RENTAL reference coming on when they referenced his PANTS catching the wind!

For those of you interested in such things, tonight's best chance of seeing someone's arm fly off is in Minnesota, with Erik Bedard on the bump for the M's.

2-0 Braves already. CHIPPER JONES with a double.


That is all.

Chipper hit a tater tot!

don't worry. I predict Milwaukee takes the next two games. The Giants were winless against the Brewers last year (0-6, 18 runs vs 48 runs).
And today the Giants used up all their runs for the next 6 games.

late to this discussion but everyhting Bob Mould has ever done: Husker Du, Sugar, solo work is awesome.

btw, ate wings at the Ancor Bar in Buffalo tonight. good, not great.

My friend just called and has an extra ticket to some group called Travis. He said lots of girls will be there. I'm scared.

Travis = scottish radiohead-lite (coldplay extra?) that aren't as bad as I'd like them to be.

Travis Snider = King of all creation. First place!!!!!!11!!!

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