Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, put em in the sky.

Bang up job today everyone, especially Mr. McQuade for that glogging Tour De Force. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Class dismissed.

Same WoW Channel.

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HOW much of this will I enjoy this evening? I've only got a third of a bottle left.

I wanna sit around and watch baseball all night, but NO - I have to go run an open mic the venue (a coffeehouse with a liquor license) pays me to host. Rough life, huh?

I just realized this brewery is only two miles from my abode. I'm going to have to get a growler next time I'm planning on forgetting certain sadnesses.

And then quickly remembering them tenfold.

I hate wheat beers.

I worked at a ShopRite Liquors one summer, and I helped myself to plenty of Ramstein during my tenure. That, and 30-packs of Bud Ice.

Wheat beers hate you, Chief.

anyone from the cubs = overrated. enough said.

I missed all the goddamn fun today. Time to turn on the Gigantes/Cerveceros matchup and drink:

Ted Lilly is underrated. So is Chase Utley. What's your point?

Stop linking to pictures of booze. I'm gonna go take a 211 to the neck.

I had a Brooklyn Lager MONSTER ALE at open mic tonight. Pretty intense stuff, but it's worth the occasional indulgence, if you ask me.

Incidentally, I'm watching the Beer People/Big People game now. GO PEOPLE!

Big Unit gets jacked by Brewers pitcher for 3 runs.

Bonds doesn't make that diving catch. Nice work, (insert Giants left fielder's name here)!

Too bad I missed it. Still, replays on ftw.

"Hey kids, put em in the sky." i think ths "em" should be "me" :) ... what do you think ?

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