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Hey kids, do you like fishsticks?

Be back here tomorrow, same WoW channel, for your predetermined Friday favorites. Until then I bid you good night.

(Photo obtained from the Flickr stream of Nick Hall)

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If Carpenter were a Yankee or Met, he would have his own parade this afternoon.

11-2 Yanks.

Keep piling on the runs, boys. We need a higher BCS ranking.

Your strength of schedule is pretty weak. You have only played the Orioles

This from a fan of the team that just split a series with the sorry Mariners.

Why do you people have to work? It's Good Friday! Jesus and shit! Wooo long weekend!

I'm off tomorrow, and I'll be tailgating for the Braves home opener. Its supposed to rain, though

Pardon my blasphemy. That should read "Zombie Jesus Rises to Smite the Earth"

I don't know, Matt. It doesn't really reach out and grab you, like a typical song of theirs. Not bad, though.

You know, I'm not nearly as depressed as I should be after going 1-3 against the worsening Blue Jays.

Yeah, I like fishsticks just fine.

Anyone get the MLB Network in HD? This may shock you, bu Comcast doesn't offer it. I couldn't believe it, either.

Also, one of the balldudes in San Fran is a dead ringer for John McCain.

Perusing the MLB Net's Wikipedia, I see that Comcast is the only minority owner who doesn't offer the HD feed to it's subscribers. DirecTV and Time Warner, the other cable entities with minority stakes in the network, carry the HD channel. This will be yet another bullet point in my 845-page PowerPoint entitled "Suggested Improvements for Our Comcast Overlords."

Parra loves giving up runs for us.

So I tried to call Verizon about their Fios service, and their offices are only open until 6P ET. What kind of shit is that? If you want to sell me a fucking TV/Internet/Phone bundle, you'll do it on my time, goddamn it.

Yes, I got a new soapbox in the mail today.

Friends don't let friends use Comcast.

As a new Direct TV customer who came from Comcast, I can safely say that having a Dish is probably worse than having AIDS. It rains and I lose half my channels.

I can get FIOS in my 'hood. The fact tat I haven't upgraded yet may be the laziest, most detrimental non-action I have ever taken.

I have something called Mediacom. All the annoyances of Comcast without the MLB Network. FML

I have Time Warner at home, or at school, some weird package. No MLB network at both.

ok screw this game, I'm watching college hockey.

Time Warner offers the MLB Network (in HD, no less). Tell your parents not to be so cheap.

@Honeynut: considering I'm only home for about... 3 months total this year, it would be a bit expensive for them.

The Giants/Brewers game not being shown locally really really really makes me want to subscribe to
It's a must-see game, goddammit!
Or I coulda, you know, actually gone to the game.
Fucking comcastic!

@Phillas: well, the Giants are winning, so yeah, no more watching.

@kwsn: I'm shocked the Giants took the series. I am (pleasantly) surprised the Giants are scoring runs.
Milwaukee realizes spring training is over, right?

@Phillas: I don't know exactly. who knows. All I know is Cameron just nailed the pitcher.

That was disturbing. Good lord. Not a good sign that he took a shot to the temple and his nose starting bleeding.

update: Milwaukee knocked Giants rook Joe Martinez out of the game, literally. Knocked down, got up bleeding from temple and nose. Buncha meanies! Picking on the rookie!

I'm not ashamed to say it. I'm in love (with MLB Tonight on the MLB Net). Best studio show on tv. Live look-ins across the league? YES PLZ.

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