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That's all we got for today, kids. /turns out pockets, lint falls out. Please join us tonight for the ol' podcast, though, and we'll do our best to tickle your collective fancy.

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Is it OK if I download it to listen to on my way to work tomorrow?

Yes but we cannot be held responsible if our dulcet tones put you to sleep and you drive off the road into an abutment.

The Phils broadcast today has been a constant retrospective of Harry, with different members of the organization stopping by each inning to reflect. Aside from the obvious hanging cloud, it's been an enjoyable listen/watch.

Also, in the middle of their Opening-Day pregame activities, the Nats took time out for a moment of silence, which was a class move.

Glavine to see Dr. Death

And they're bring up Jo Jo Reyes rather than Hanson. I'm sure they have their reasons but FREE HANSON

Ye$, matt, they have their rea$on$.

Free Hanson? My goodness, those moptop kids have fallen on hard times if they're giving away their albums for nuthin'.

Also, moment of silence during Opening Day ceremonies at Wrigley for Harry Kalas and Nick Adenhart.

I don't understand the notion that Kalas being "in decline" as a broadcaster, gives anyone comfort today, as if his quality of life was not tenable just because he was a bit less sharp in the booth. I've read this notion a couple of times this afternoon and I'm at a loss.

Had no idea until now that he was the replacement voice on NFL Films for John Facenda. Very sad.

Moments of silence for Adenhart and Kalas at the Nats home opener as well, followed by three hours of silence for the Nats.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go rest my scoring hand before I start writing "E-4" in my sleep. Fuck Anderson Hernandez.

Oddly enough, Glavine went to see Dr Andrews to talk about his prostate.

Afterwards, they complained about their rising doctor's bills, the price of gas, and the weather.

FSWI fails for showing the bucks.

Many people nowadays aren't content to just enjoy something great, instead they need to find flaws and engage in instantaneous "greatest ever" debates, which usually prompts the kind of comments that you mentioned. It's like being invited to a dinner at Buckingham Palace and then complaining that the tines on the forks are too widely spaced.

The fact is the Harry was one of the best at what he did, and was still very, very good, as evidenced by his now-classic radio broadcasts of the Phillies championship run in 2008.

Hart takes Volquez around the bases for a 5-1 lead :D


I like to find flaws in pretty people on TV to make me feel better about myself.


I like to find flaws in pretty people on TV to make me feel better about myself.

I find flaws in Guy Clark.

Furious Five podcast starts in 8 minutes you shitheads.

That's a term of endearment.

Honeynut, I think you're right. I enjoy complaining about bad announcers, but I don't understand how eager people are to jump on beloved announcers who lose a step. I was even perplexed during the NCAA tourney by comments about Dick Enberg. He's certainly not as sharp as he once was, but he still does a great job.

Further, even if Kalas was horrible, I don't think it makes it any better or more palatable that he dropped dead today.

Yes, I already miss Harry Kalas. But it's OK, Gorge - I enjoy complaining about bad announcers, too. For example, Hawk Harrelson really, really, REALLY sucks.

you guys missed one point in the podcast. My attendance for the Marlins/Braves series will push them over the top.

Arugula and balsamic? The fuck is wrong with you guys? Pizza is supposed to come with cheeseburger on it.

Bacon and Pepperoni only please

Dear BC Twins Fan,

I hope you enjoyed your meeting with Travis Snider as much as Jerkwheat did. He's your new daddy now, adjust your plans accordingly.


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