Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, listen to more Faron Young.

  • ARE you ready for the WoWF5 endorsed Series Of The Week? It's Marlins at Braves! GET PUMPED!

  • ARE the Red Sox going to continue their lousy start tonight in Oakland? The West Coast hasn't been very kind to the club from Boston in recent regular seasons, so maybe a few more people should have seen this coming.

  • HAS Max Scherzer had the best athletic career of any former Hogans Heroes cast member? Probably, watch him take on Chris "T Was A" Carpenter in AZ this evening. Or not, whatever.

  • IS Walkoff Walk's love unconditional? I guess we'll find out it Manny Parra has another crap start tonight against Dusty's Boys.

  • THINK we'll get to see Johnny Damon pitch tonight against the Rays?

Come back tomorrow. We'll have free stuff to give away. Just kidding. Come back anyway. Same WoW Channel.

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Damon can't quite get a pitch all the way to the plate with that weak arm and all.

Tonight Pavano's back: Carl's revenge is playing.

Kris, come out to Oakland. I want to be able to say I went to an Oakland/Red Sox game and didn't leave wanting to kill all Red Sox fans. I have a feeling you'd be cool.

Johnny Damon will pitch--with the help of a cutoff man.



You're wrong. At least he's better than Icarane, though. The guy you really want to hang with is Darren.

Parra is only marginally better than Suppan.

Gout is marginally better than rabies.

The episode of King of the Hill when Bobby got the gout is one of the best.

Dear Brewer pitchers,

There is a thing called the strike zone. Use it to your advantage.

Dear Brewer pitchers,

Stop giving up home runs dammit.

I'd prefer a night out with the Street Team, actually. If they came to Oakland, Track Star could rap while they popped and locked.

Dice K can eat a dick.


Shoulda been you Bazooki..

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