Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, if you don't get my letter you know that I'm in jail..

Tomorrow, a special Thursday Liveglog and other assorted dry goods. Same WoW Channel.

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That jerkface Tim Wakefield is perfect through five.

Mike Lowell's error roooooned the perfect game but Wakefield still has a no-hitter through six complete innings.

all you Giants fans? How many of us idiots read this site?

Don't all Giants fans have a hologrammatic double a la tiny Tim?

Even if the #1 strikes out 12 guys won't matter if the offense can't score.

And I'm looking at you, gimp hands Chipper

If that's true, I need to become a Giants fan. I have some crimes to do that would be easier with a doppelganger.

Walking V-Mart to get to Pronk? Really? Joo going to make the big man mad, Lucy.

Have to put in a pinch runner here...

Three run tater tot for Florida State Seminude JD Drew.

Kerry Wood, Yaht-Zee!

Rob, are you actully watching it, or just getting audio? I want someone to agree with me that Wakefield has gotten a bigger strike zone than Maddux and Livan Hernandez combined. Yeah I am bitter.


You can cancel the postgame show.

The Nats will not lose tonight! Time to crack a bottle.

Phillas and all assorted Giants and/or Dodgers fans, I'm liveblogging tonight's game here. Please to enjoy my whorish ways.

Lloyd, outside promotions are verboten. You don't see Kris advertising his handjobs-for-Pabst Blue Ribbon business on this website, do you?

Just kidding. Everybody go to the Score and support our buddy Lloyd tonight with some great comments, then tomorrow come back at 1PM for a VERY SPESHUL LIVEGLOG.

I drink High Life.

Joe Simpson just called Sassy Senior Jorge's hand injury a Cantusion.

They are trying to break Kris' heart.

The ESPN crew is really riding David Murphy's defensive abilities in left. To be fair, his relay throws have been a circus act so far.

Tom Waits ordering food via drive-thru intercom: a scenario that will never not make me laugh.

Once this gets more pictures I will spend an hour on it.

My entire life feels like I've been trying to have a conversation with Tom Waits and Benicio Del Toro in a loud bar.

I'm listening to the past two podcasts right now. Lloyd has really classy taste in food.

I'm thinking about learning how to play "The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)". Should I?

I'm all class and eat naught but the finest foods of Canada's bounty


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