Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, two trains leave Courthouse Square at 5:40 PM.

Class dismissed. See you tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

(Rob's note: I'm going back to New Yankee Stadium tonight, wish me luck, and listen to my appearance on Dan Levy's On the DL Podcast)

(Flickr user heidigoseek provided the decor)

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Rob, wear sunscreen and don't eat any hot dogs with sauerkraut.

Also, wear your Yankee hat I'll look for you on t.v. tonight while I'm watching the game at home.

IS this the earliest TQ ever?
WILL Twilight Iracane be able to handle 50 minutes of direct sunlight before the sun sets tonight?
WHEN will the hooker that Liakos killed last night finally surface?

@HI, didn't you hear they caught the "Craig List Killer", it's not Kris.

I will be at the Cain/Peavy hurl-fest. Ultra warm in SF and I'm gonna take advantage of a warm night game. Only get maybe 3 of them a season.


Rob, try the Lobell's steak sandwich. The line was too long when I went and I have to know how good it is.

My buddy went on Sunday and said it was unstoppable. I assume that means it gave him the shits, but he said he could have eaten four of them.

You're killing me, Honeynut, killing me! Going to have to hit the next day game on the schedule.

How jealous am I of phillas? Very.

SHOULD tonights match up of Wakefield and Baker (Wake and Bake)happened yesterday

Yeah, it will suck having to go to a brand new stadium on a weekday afternoon to eat delicious steak sandwiches. I will say a prayer for you as I dig into yet another nameless Lean Cuisine at my desk.

Phillas, how warm is it right now? That's the one thing I miss about SF - when it's in the 70s it is the most beautiful place on earth. Also, chicks show off their boobs.

Fartie, it's about 70 here near the ocean, but about 85 at the ball park. I love the hot weather, but just wish I had air conditioning.
Some real cuties in short shorts out and about. Yum.

I like talky-singy in small doses. But considering all the metal in my music collection, I'm not really one to talk, am I?

I'm gonna keep my eyes on the Royals / Indians game. Sidney "(Insert Fat Joke Here)" Ponson is starting for KC and Cleveland's team ERA is almost 7, so there could be a barrage of tater tots just south of Lake Erie tonight.

There was a barrage of tater tots on Ponson's lunch tray today.

There's your fat joke.

That was quick. Thanks, Honeynut!

Anybody else notice Ford Field lurking in the horizon in that picture?

@phillas: Dibs on your Pacquiao Bobble.

@Ed: I'd say it's more looming, foretelling disaster. Like a revolting blob or swarm of African killer bees.

Even the flickr grabs are emo these days. I kindly ask either Rob or phillas to do something wacky at his respective game of baseball. THIS PLACE NEEDS SOME CHEER.

@HI stop showing people up! (I lol'd and lol'd)

Chief, I had the Lobel's prime rib sandwich with some horseradish on an onion roll. Best fifteen dollars I've spent in months. Also saw Giambi put a batting practice ball in the upper deck which is crazy considering how far back that level is in this place.

Rob, if the A's win the series, you let me do a guest post, give me $20, and I get any one of your players in Fantasy.

If the Yankees win, same deal.

Fuck it, I knew I missed out. Might catch one of the games in the Angels series so I can try it.

Wahoo, if the Angels win, you let me do a guest post, give me $20, and I get any one of your players in Fantasy.

If the Yankees win, Guy Clark.

Ryan Sweeney was a studio guest on MLB Network last night and is standing in front of me right now in right field. Any taunting ideas?

Ask him what it was like having Pat for a sister.

I hate the Yankees. No way I ever back that team. Unless they're playing Boston.

That is my stance as well on the Yankees.

Rob, in my exhaustive, 20 seconds of research, the only thing remotely scandalous that I could find about Sweeney is that he lives with Daric Barton.


He was once traded for Nick Swisher, if that helps.

This ump has a strike zone smaller than Dave Eckstein's beanbag. Swisher got a gift BB.

Ryan Sweeney is from Cedar Rapids. So are Ashton Kutcher and Elijah Wood.

Douche + Frodo = FRODOUCHE.

I say you scream that at Sweeney until he figures it out. I may change my commenter handle to that as well.

Just realized tonight was not the best night to wear my green yankees hat

JESUS WALKS. no, wait, he singled.

I called him Sweeney Wienie and he just shrugged.

Rob, you mean this one?

You should have gone with this. It's Kutcher-approved.

Rob, try "Sweeny Murti is twice the man you are." WFAN references kill at Yankee Stadium.

How about: "I love the ironically detached literary magazine spoof you publish with Eggers"?

oh shit biemel dun got creampuff'd

If you watch the Damon home run from tonight, I am the man in the green hat cowering from it while my dad puts his glove up to catch it and some jamook to my right lunges over and knocks it down to the field level with his fat idiot hand.

The highlight here isn't clear enough for you to see it so just paint your own motion picture.

I see someone kind of getting out of the way at the last minute. I'll just assume it's Rob.

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