Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, eat your vegetation.

    WILL the Nationals turn the screws on the Braves and pick up their first sweep of the season? Jair Jurrjens will throw every J he can scrounge up to prevent such a thing.

    CAN you stomach the idea of a Mets/Cards game on ESPN, probably featuring the dull-cet tones of Steve Phillips in the broadcast booth? Joel PiƱeiro and John Maine will do their best to entertain you.

    IS the Seattle resurgence the real deal? Find out when they try to take down the AL Champ again tonight behind the jolly visage of youngster Chris Jakubauskas. Say that five times fast, and then punch yourself.

    WANT a delicious burger/chicken/sausage? Me too.

That's all for now, WoWicans. Tune in tomorrow, same WoW channel, for a special liveglog. We promise?

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Jair Jurrjens sounds like something the Swedish Chef used to make.

And Jakubauskas sounds like the dessert.

The guys at The Big Tilde ~~~~~~~~~~~~ used to call him the Swedish Chef.


Love that herbivore chart, Rob. Any way to speed it up so my bacon cooks faster?

The ESPN game tonight will be entertaining. I never get tired of the Mets bullpen blowing games. J.J. Putz combines the arm of Aaron Heilman with the sourpuss attitude of Billy Wagner.

Saw that chart referenced on Bittman's blog, and my first impulse is that it would make a dandy carnival game.

My inlaws are responsible for about 10,000 pigs a year.

Tonight is also the debut episode of Groancoming with Rick Reilly, featuring his first guest, Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton.

I DEFY you to watch this without wanting to murder Reilly. DEFY.

"Welcome to 'Homecoming with Rick Reilly,' where professional athletes get to interview me, Rick Reilly. My first guest is Josh Hamilton of some team in a flyover state. What would you like to know about me, Josh?"

I'm glad I stopped glogging when I did. Yanks and A's are in the fourteenth frame now and Michael Kay just used the phrase "girl with a curl".

Melky! Walkoff tater tot. Yanks win in 14.

After catching five minutes of this horrible Reilly "Homecoming" show, I was struck by how much Josh Hamilton looks like Will Ferrell.

Catshirt just called from the Springsteen concert, making him "The Guy Who Calls From a Concert and Holds Up His Cellphone Thinking the Listener Will Enjoy the Tinny Undistinguishable Sounds"

But I'm pretty sure Bruce was playing "Candy's Room" so Kris is now "The Guy Who Knows I Love Candy's Room" and I am happy.

Best live Bruce song. Ever. Lucky Catshirt.

I'm not a Springsteen fan, but I am a Social Distortion fan so I thought this was very cool. The name of the song is "Bad Luck"

btw, was anyone wearing their "got melk?" t-shirt today?

Brings me back to my brief dalliance with Social D back in nineteen dickety one. Thanks, UU.

Mike Ness's guitar tone makes me want to run through a brick wall. My desired goal of running through said wall would be looking like Mike Ness on the other side. Awesome.

Willingham must have pissed of Elijah Dukes, he just fouled off a ball that hit Willingham right in the shing

Why am I only now finding out that the Padres' pitching coach is named Darren Balsley? WHY?

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