Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, the band entrance is for the band only.

That'll do it for your broadcast day. No linkpunch today, so send in your tips for Thursday's edition, folks. Come back tomorrow, same WoW channel, for our special liveglogger Sooze. Mets-Marlins at 1PM, y'all!

(AT&T Field via Flickr user joyosity)

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Now I can afford that steak sandwich!

Now I can afford that swine flu vaccine!

Now I can afford to buy Blanche Devereaux a steak sandwich so she'll have sex with me!

Now I can afford a low-grade hooker!*

*fishing rod

Now Rob can afford to attend Bea Arthur's One-Woman Funeral!

Now I can afford a ticket to Matt Vasgersian's Laugh-A-Thon '09!

Isn't Vasgersian MCing the Bea Arthur wake?

Pshaw. I could already afford those seats. POSEIDON, LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEE.

Now I can afford the $20 I'll slip to the guy at the morgue to have my way with Bea Arthur's corpse.

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