Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

That's a wrap for Wednesday, y'all. Tune in tomorrow, same WoW channel, for some more of the same delicious hipster beer conversations and a modicum of baseball coverage.

(Ommegang beer lineup courtesy of Flickr user and FoWoW The700Level)

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I just got my Rick Porcello anagram of the day: Lo, Cleric Pork.

joba cHAMberlain would like you to join his side of the argument.

Well Brett Myers anagram is....nevermind. He's just a pig.

Holy cow!!! Did you just say pig? SWINE FLU!!!1!!1!!

Umm, you mean Brett Myers' eyebrows are pitching tonight. They're like a couple of caterpillers chilling on his forehead. Geez.

How about Yovani Gallardo going for 8 innings, 2 hits, 11 Ks, and one walk while hitting a home run to score the only run of the game?

As long as we're doing anagrams: Yovani Gallardo = A Vaginally Odor

/I apologize; I'm only reporting what the internet provided me.

Gorge: now Brett wants to punch Gallardo in the face.

Colby Rasmus just tried to throw an invisible baseball

Your boys need to be nicer to my Dreamboat, Rob. All these runs are totally uncalled for.

Not watching the game, how in the hell did Victor Martinez get a triple? His knees are held together by transplanted hog tendons and hope.

Swine flu has made his hog legs magical, Chief.

Saw Cole Hamels hailing a cab near my building today. Asked how the ankle was, he said "good, I feel good." DON'T LIE COLE.

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