Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, if at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.

Tomorrow is Friday! Friday means Classic TV and Creampuffs and other good stuff. Same WoW channel, folks.

(Farewell to the Metrodome courtesy of Flickr user the queen of subtle)

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The White Sox must have been impressed with his performance under fire (re: my heckling) at minor league game Saturday

Consistently conjured cinema columns create commenting chances.

Not to be all Johnny Pointsoutplotholes, but...

The ALCS was played from April 7-9? Huh.

Johnny Pointsoutplotholes can be helpful sometimes, but his brother Ted Pointsoutplotholes is a total jerk. Thanks!

John Buck has two tiples today. Just thought that was interesting.

I'm just realizing that when I was sick at the Yankees home opener, I might have had swine flu and not heatstroke.

o shit. Does that mean you've infected us commenters?

I am sure that's what you had. Have you had sex with pigs in Mexico while doing intravenous drugs and getting a tatoo?

HOW quickly will the WHO and CDC show up at Rob's front door after that comment?

Oh snap SWINE BLOG. So now we know that eating a hot dog with sauerkraut and peanut M&M's is a terrible idea for people stricken with Swine Flu. NOTIFY THE CDC. And CTC. Maybe even GNC.

Why haven't you been blogging with a surgical mask?

I didn't know you could contract Mexican cancer by proximity to Ramiro Pena.

@ BC
2 tipples for Buck? Such a lightweight.

Why can't all the bases loaded walks that gain the lead happen in the bottom of the 9th or later?

Trevor time!

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