No Comprende

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Due to techinical difficulties, Walkoff Walk will not be seen for the rest of today. God Bless America.

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Iracane can't take the day off with out this site going to hell in a hand basket?

Technical difficulties = Matinee concert headlined by Team Robespierre or other painfully hipster band. Have a nice time, Kris!

So I guess we have to liveglog this on our own...

let's do this

bot 1st, 2 on 2 out, Posada at bat

Bernie Williams plays elevator music.

0-0 top 2, 1 out

Blog's closed, shrimp out front shoulda told ya

The fat man is pitching well.

First person to spot Rob wins a platter of olive oil-poached shrimp.

Just look for the pink cap.

live glogging is hard, I'm done

UU's attention to historical accuracy is impressive.

The Order of the Hand will rule! The animals of the zoo guy, Danny Usher, will sustain us.

If you paid your taxes like a real American this shit wouldn't happen.

CC is losing his control. Sweet.

triple play. sweet.

Kelly Shoppach, nice!

NY is lucky it is only 1-0 after 3 1/2.

That play Posada made at the plate was amazing.

Yankees have 8-LOB after 4 innings. Someone get a fucking hit when it counts!

Well the Marlins just completed their sweep of the Braves at Turner Field.

I might be eating that shit hat after all


1-1 Yankees thanks to a Posada solo tot.

The Yankees brought in the new cardinal. No fair using God as a ringer.

I hope Kris didn't do something awful to himself. Besides that hipster concert, that is.

Isn't his arm supposed to fall off after 120 pitches?

CC isn't limited by a pitch count. He just pitches until he really, really needs a pizza.

Well now he can get an Orignal Famous Ray's Pizza

fucking Cody Ransom, no glove no bat GTFO!

Let's see what Pronk can do here.

My bad, Grady.

A whole lot of nothing.

I am sorry about that last comment. As soon as I hit submit the regretted it. It was a little too kswn for me.

No worries. I had the same thought.

Three ducks on the pond.

One Grande Salami to go, please.

I think I just came in my pants.

That really escaladed quickly

I hate Grady.

ESPN America went to ads as God Bless America started, .ARREST THEM

Matt will be loaning Rob his exclusive rights to the Sad Trombone.

I guess this is probably out of reach now.

As a Cleveland fan I do not assume victory until the team bus is on the way back to the hotel.

You should see what the storm troopers at New Yankee Stadium are going to do to you if you try to piss during The Imperial March when all of the fans are forced to salute Lord Hank Steinbrenner.

Man, these New York teams really know how to party at a grand opening.

That was a perfect way to end that game.

Whoo-hoo, first team to win in the new Yankee Stadium.

First sign that spring is really here: April showers or Milton Bradley ejection?

Roy Halladay is better than....

"Whoo-hoo, first team to win in the new Yankee Stadium."

Hey Chief, don't you mean Wa-hoo!?

God, that was ugly yesterday.


Can't fault the Yankees. It's not like they have some hulking kid straight off the reservation who throws 95 mph heat they could use in the 7th instead of squandering his talent in the starting rotation.

man this site is cutting edge





miss u wow

Alright since we have no leadership, I'll step it up and check in on Rinku and Dinesh:

"Rinku and me getting first money Pirates paycheck. We not knowing who FICA is. JB sir explain not man named FICA taking money… This is for the taxes."

Welcome to America, boys. Keep the comedy comin.